day three

I woke up today to sound of rain–a sound that has become quite unfamiliar to me since living on the left coast. This is only about the third time we have had rain since I have lived here…and every time, it is a novelty for me. I was looking forward to rolling out of bed and going for a run in the rain. Before forcing myself out of bed though, I reached for my Blackberry and was pleasantly surprised to see a comment from Amy, my running buddy from high school cross country. Man oh man, the fun and mischievous times we had–thanks for reading, Amy…I’m looking forward to getting in some good runs with you! I was also thrilled to see message in my inbox from another running partner, Angela, filled with encouragement and an invite to run together as well as with her running group–thanks Ang, can’t wait to join you for some runs!

Now, by the time I finished checking my mail on my two Blackberrys (Yes, two of them…one mine, one for work…ridiculous, I know, you don’t have to tell me. The work one doesn’t get texting though, hence never converting to just one.) and forced myself to finally roll out of bed, the rain had stopped. That was probably for the better though because by the time I convinced myself to go for a morning run (rather than waiting until I got home from a long day of event set-up at work), the sun had slightly started to fight it’s way through the clouds and the ground had started to dry which meant fewer puddles.

I pulled my hair back, put on shorts and a tank top, and laced up my running shoes. Before leaving, I double-checked the training plan and today’s direction was to run an easy 2-3 miles. Since I had just two hours to run, eat breakfast, shower, and make it to my supervisor’s house to pick her up to go to our event set-up, I had to be on my way and be diligent about the run while keeping in mind that this was an easy 2-3 miles I should be running.

Off I went, with the intention of running on the treadmill in the cardio center. Unfortunately, the two treadmills were being used, so after a quick ‘hello’ to the maintenance men who were just starting the day’s work, I headed to the path along the beach. Off I went, past the nice men down the street who work on projects in their garage almost on a daily basis, and shortly thereafter I hit the path along beach. Off I went, iPod in hand and Kings of Leon streaming through my earbuds. I got into a good groove, and I kept it going. I did start to get slightly tired mid-run but assured myself that I could keep this up–after all, every year on the first day of high school track season when we were all out of shape and the cold of a Michigan March stung, we ran 3 miles…all of us, sprinters, mid-distancers, and long-distancers…and we made it. No excuse now.

Finally, I was slowly approaching 24th St., which was yesterday’s turnaround point. I knew I could make it to 25th (which actually meant 26th in the back of mind), so I continued. At 26th St., I was feeling good but remembered not to push it – not to mention there was a slight schedule I was on – so I turned around, and also changed my iPod to the Genius Mix of “Teen Pop” which included just enough pick-me-up beats to get me through the rest of the run. I made it to the end of the path, about a 3-mile run, at just around 30 minutes. That was a perfect pace for what I needed to be an easy 2-3 miles.

Feeling good, I walked back past the men in the garage working on their project for today and back home. I got back, had a bagel and orange juice for breakfast, then scurried to get ready.

Just in time, with a cup of coffee to go, I was ready to take off and pick up my boss right on time.

Day three…success.



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4 responses to “day three

  1. Collin

    Go Curly!

    I’m already enjoying reading this! I think you’ve struck some inspiration in me, either to start writing again, or start running more…perhaps both? Consider yourself lucky to be out there. There just seems to be nothing harder than trying to run through a Michigan winter. Attempting to compete with the gym crowd just seems futile, but reading your blog seems to “get me in the mood.”

    Keep going! It seems like you’ve got a solid approach here! Good morning and good luck!

    • sarajane

      Thanks, P! I hope you enjoy reading this…and hopefully it will help inspire you too. Feel free to share your experiences in comments too.

      Miss ya. Good luck…and keep it up…you’ve always been hardcore in my book!

  2. sund-o

    may favorite part of this may be the “teen pop” playlist. I just made a cd titled “the mix a 12 year old girl would probably love” keep up the good work, and enjoy shorts and tank top weather while you can!

  3. The fact that 25th actually means 26th is good stuff.

    Keep it up!


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