four-mile night run

Yes, I was a bit sore today from yesterday’s long run. Yes, I drank a ton of water today. No, that was not going to stop me today.

Kelly and I went to the outlets today and had a nice afternoon…it was a great day out! We headed to the Reebok store to look and see what kind of good deals we could find. I got some great new apparel for running. Unfortunately, they did not have any of the running capris that I absolutely love, but they did have long sleeve running tops with thumbholes (and I bought 3!).

We had a delicious lunch on the patio at BJ’s Brewery–I had a BBQ pulled pork sandwich w/ crispy onions on it and it was incredibly delicious.

So, what more do you need than a good afternoon and new running apparel to get you pumped up for a run? Well, when I got home and got my mail a new issue of Runner’s World in my mailbox certainly helped increase the excitement even more!

I got a few things done, took a cat nap, and met everyone at the pier for a night run. We got in a good four miles tonight and I still am feeling great. I am attributing to feeling better during my runs a lot to my food and drink habits lately–what a difference it makes!

Tomorrow will certainly be a cross-training day so that I can keep the cardio up and workouts in my routine, but I also want to allow my body to rest and recover as well.

I hope everyone is training well, eating well, and taking on new exercise challenges!! I hope you’re enjoying this blog too, and if you have any feedback feel free to let me know.

4-mile night run…success.


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  1. mom

    can’t wait to do some training with you. you are such an inspiration! you go girl!!

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