This one goes out to A-Sund

This post is dedicated to A-Sund, the one who gave me my own proper nickname of S-Guts. We ran together for a few years, during high school cross country. We ran, we sang, we laughed, we were mischievous, and most all we had fun when it all came down to it (even when we had two-a-day practices).

I learned a lot about running from my time spent on the roads and trails with Amy:

  • furious workouts are never easy, but they’re always better when someone else is enduring them right along with you
  • slowing down for a few minutes to sing a pump up song while you run is always a good bit of inspiration
  • just keep going
  • run with a partner, especially on long runs, to keep yourself going – think about it, are you really going to stop and walk if your partner is still going? probably not.
  • make your run into something fun — heck, be sneaky, stop and say a quick unexpected ‘hi’ to a friend that lives along your route
  • if there is a way to hydrate mid-run, do it. you’ll thank yourself.
  • have fun…otherwise, it’s almost not worth doing the workout

I love that Amy and I have both continued to be pretty avid runners after high school, into college, and now post-college. The fact that someone who shared so many of my “growing years of running” (that is, the years that turned me into a lifelong runner) is still going strong helps keep me motivated, especially when the going gets tough.

Whether I’m having a tough time getting through an outdoor run or getting my treadmill run finished (usually the latter), I just need to remember everything that Amy and I went through. WOW! For two silly high school girls who just wanted to create theories about everything all day long, we did decent for ourselves on our runs. We finished everything and we worked hard to get better.

I’m thrilled that Amy is running the Dexter half marathon this year, and I will be there as well. Another race together! And, now that we’re in the same city again, we are trying to see if we can fit some training runs in together. Knowing that there is someone to run with who is right around your pace and who will push you is great, because you know you will be challenged but you won’t be absolutely killing yourself to finish a workout. Who knows? Maybe we’ll even get Amy to be a runner at Detroit too πŸ˜‰ Don’t you guys think she’d be great? After all, we do have fun running together!

Thanks, A-Sund for being an awesome running partner…even if it was years ago. Let’s make it happen again and show those miles who’s boss!

Who inspires you to run or exercise? What great, fun, silly things have you learned from training with a partner? Or, do you prefer to workout by yourself and just can’t seem to get accustomed to the idea of working out with someone? Share your tips for training with a partner (or if you just can’t do it, what are your tips for staying motivated to go it alone?)!



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4 responses to “This one goes out to A-Sund

  1. amy

    Hey that’s me! You are a fantastic running partner too!

    I love it – especially the part about theory making πŸ™‚ We should come up with some bizzare theory using analogies about running.

    And lucky for you it’s warming up a lot, so no more ice! Maybe one time we can run to cass and back for old times sake. See you soon!

  2. Jan J.

    Here’s a cool video to pump you up…

  3. Jan J.

    Oops, I guess you can’t post you tubes on this site..check it out on youtube…very cute and clever!

    • sarajane

      Hehe…very cute, I love it! Thanks πŸ™‚ Glad to see you are enjoying the blog. I hope things are going well with you!

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