night with nathan

Tonight, I had my first night with nathan. Ang gave me nathan as a birthday gift…she’s so sweet. I’m excited to have my very own nathan…and a pink one at that!

For those of you who don’t know about nathan, nathan sports is a company that creates some pretty awesome products for athletic training. Check them out! If you’re like me and a company’s background and mission draw you in, their story and brand is pretty great.

Meet nathan (nate, if you’re close to him). As you can see we’re getting along great already…

Nate and I had a great run tonight. Breathing was great, legs felt pretty good and mostly recovered from the weekend’s long runs, and nate kept me cool.

After I had dinner (homemade spaghetti, meatballs, and garlic bread at mom & dad’s…mmm!) and took a relaxing nap outside, I grabbed nate to head out for a run by my parents’ house. Kid Rock, The Doobie Brothers, and Natasha Bedingfield came along with us as well…and everyone got along great tonight. I think I’ll be taking everyone out with me again in the near future.

Although it was a hot & humid evening, we managed. Nate was there for me…kept me hydrated and kept me cool. In fact, I’m pretty sure more water ended up on my head than in my mouth. But, hey whatever it takes–that’s why it’s necessary to carry water! Thanks to nate, I had a delightful run tonight…and I think I’m going to be hanging up the water belt now that I have nate. Sure, the water belt will likely be jealous…but I have to admit–nate has won me over!

As nate and I were getting back, my lovely mom was outside and she snapped a nice end-of-run photo. So, with that I leave with you an end-of-run photo for my end-of-blog-post photo. Happy Running!

First night run with nathan…sucess!



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2 responses to “night with nathan

  1. Angela

    Lol. Sara, I must say this post made my night and boy, did I need a laugh tonight. When I first saw the title, I was like… “aww…sara ran with Nathan (as in a boy named Nathan)” and then I realized what you meant.

    I reminded me of the day I was searching my room for my Nathan and my mom totally thought I was searching for my male friend, Nathan! HA HA!

    Glad you love your Nathan as much I love mine. Maybe one day, both of ours will have to meet.

    ❤ You and glad you love it!

    P.S–it's an disguised arm workout too!! Works your muscles while you run, so be sure to switch hands every once in a while! ; P

  2. I admire your drive to train and run for a marathon! I HATE running but love what it does for the body and soul. I wish you the absolute best with the rest of your training..with Nate 🙂 xoxo

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