worst long run of my training.

yesterday was the worst long run of my training i have had. this one was worse that the hot, humid day spent in the state park with katy, while she was rollerblading alongside me. at least i had someone with me that day. yesterday, it was me, the hot air, the wide open road, the sun, a whole lot of sweat, and heavy legs.

i was meeting two friends for lunch, so i decided hey i don’t need to eat with them — i will fuel up for a run prior to meeting them, run the 5-ish miles to meet them, then enjoy their company and catch up, then run back. perfect long run with a break in the middle. sounds ideal, right? well, as i already mentioned…yesterday was the worst long run of my training so far…so it actually wasn’t so ideal. (not to mention…we actually got mixed up and met at two different locations…so i called them after waiting for 20 minutes or so to ask where they were. they were at a different location. slight misunderstanding, but they ended up coming to me after finding out that i was car-less since i had run up to meet them. one more thing to make this run go less than stellar.)

oh, and by the way…while i was waiting…i snapped a nice photo of my lovely hydration containers 😉

after catching up and what not, i debated getting a ride home since i was already well aware of the less than stellar running conditions. after an internal debate, i decided i wouldn’t want to finish my run later that night and that getting it done now would be better. i finished, but i’m not so sure it was necessarily “better.”

i did take a different route home though and it was much prettier for much of the run. i even snapped a few pictures during the time my body said “must…walk…now…” to break up the run a bit.

now, does it surprise me that as a follow up to the worst long of my training so far that i have lost most of one of my toenails and another toenail is completely jacked up? no, of course it doesn’t surprise me…because that’s just how it would go.

well…next time i have a brilliant idea to do any type of running in the heat of the day, i will remember yesterday. then, i will reevaluate and do that run at a different time.

reaching the worst long run of my training…success. (hey, a success is a success, right?!)



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4 responses to “worst long run of my training.

  1. Rob

    Put it behind you and move on. Anytime you can get out and enjoy the beautiful weather and the beautiful secenry is a good day!

    • sarajane

      definitely how i see it as well! it certainly hasn’t lessened my motivation…but i definitely felt like it was worthwhile to write about. hope your running is going well.

  2. Angela

    I agree with Rob. Just put it behind you and move on. We all have bad runs and in the heat, it only makes it worse! We need to hook up for long runs so you’re not so lonely anymore.

    FYI–toes nails falling off, while they are a sign of runners–they are also a sign that somethings wrong with your shoes–not the right fit, or size. Go have them checked out!

    Chin up babe!

    • sarajane

      thanks, girl! yes, we should get a long run in together.
      yeah…the toe nail thing is something i certainly know is a problem. but it’s also something has happened with me in the past…a lot of it has to do with impact on my toes for me. it’s only a few that it affects, and i knew it would happen sooner or later. it’s something i’ve been aware since the times of figure skating. definitely have it under control & is something i luckily am able to take care of 😉 hope you had a great weekend!

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