what can i say? i ran 18 miles this past saturday. i did it. that is the farthest i have ever gone, and it is just two miles less than the farthest i will run prior to the marathon! wow, it”s almost hard to believe that the marathon is only a month away. it seems like just the other day i was doing a long run of 8 miles. now 8 miles is a quality mid-week run and my long runs take up a whole morning on the weekend. if i might say so myself, i have come a long way in my training, and with my running in general.

i have grown to appreciate running more as a lifestyle and an enjoyable stress relieving activity. i have much less animosity toward long runs…now i know how to pace myself and what it takes to get through a long run. i know what it takes in the time leading up to a long run, during a long run, and after a long run. and…i love it. that’s right…i just admitted it: i love long runs.

finally, a huge shout out to my cousin, amanda, for riding her bike with me while i ran 18 miles this past weekend. thanks for coming along…and carrying on even through the pouring rain!

18 miles…success.


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