i feel superhuman

The Run: i ran 20 miles. longest run of my training.

The Fuel: saturday night pasta dinner, lots of water pre-run, lots of water during run, energy gummies, 3 mini clif bars, gatorade post-run, more water post-run, a glass of red wine with post-run dinner.

The Day: perfect. clear skies. not too cool, not too warm, just right.

The Music: pink ipod on shuffle.

The Photo: just past mile 13.

The Feeling: superhuman. sore. i can finish 26.2 miles on october 17th. with the right time, effort, and dedication i can do anything.

longest run of my training…success.



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2 responses to “i feel superhuman

  1. collin

    tell me you didn’t run 20 miles…at cass…you crazy.

    • sarajane

      haha, no no…i ran through the livonia and northville and down hines drive (yes…part of that was passing by cass, but i didn’t do it all specifically at cass). are you going to be doing any of the detroit freep races on 10/17?!

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