miles of dedication. nine left…is one for you?

Well, it’s upon me. I never thought it would come this quickly, but I’m glad it’s here. In fact, I’m excited…in a way I don’t think I’ve ever experienced before. It’s a feeling I can’t describe, but it’s great.

Ok, so what’s upon me you’re wondering (since clearly the marathon isn’t upon me just quite yet). October is upon me! The month of October is here…which means the marathon is closer than ever. While it is a somewhat intimidating thing that I only have 16 days left until the big race, it is also extremely exciting.

In just 16 days, I will run through the streets of Detroit…I will run across an international border (twice)…I will do something I have wanted to do for a long time and I will do it in a city I love…I will feel anxiety before the sun rises…I will likely feel my anxiety disappear as I enter the first mile (the mile being run for my mom)…I will do my best to pace myself…I will remember my training and get myself through all 26.2 miles (the last mile being run for my dad and the last two-tenths of a mile being run for me)…I will cross the finish line…I will finish a marathon! (I just got chill writing those last two “I will…” phrases :-D)

Man…I can’t wait…

I can’t wait to run those miles…to finish those miles…for each of you who have been reading my blog; who have been supporting me; who have told me I have inspired you (still, the number of responses of this nature that I have received boggle my mind and put a smile on my face); who inspire me (thanks, Christina); who have rollerbladed and/or biked alongside me (thanks Kay-Kay, Amanda, & Adam); who have run with me (thanks, Chris, Jeremy, Kelly B., Amy, Ang, & Kelly T….and anyone else I may have missed); and who have encouraged and motivated me.


But, I have to and I will…my patience is in full force. There are still 16 days of training, tapering, rest, carbs, and electrolytes before the big day. These days are big ones and they remind me that I can wait…because I need these days and I need to take full advantage of my workouts and cross-training and rest during these days.

I can wait…

I can wait, while being anxious and excited, and ready to do this!

It’s going to be good, my friends. SO good.

Those miles…

And, during each and everyone of those miles I’ll be thinking of you…I’ll be running for you. My miles are dedicated to you. And, there are still 9 miles left to dedicate…is one of them for you? I would love to dedicate one of those 9 miles to you…leave a comment on this post, and pick a mile number that’s still left (the miles are listed over on the right sidebar of this blog).

So here we are…October is here. Race day is almost here.
9 months of training…success.
9 miles left to dedicate…let’s do this.



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13 responses to “miles of dedication. nine left…is one for you?

  1. Rob

    We don’t know each other personally, we’ve only communicated through your blog. But, we share common interests (even though we are separated by probably 15+ years). MSU grads and avid Runners, that is our ‘bond’.

    As I prepare for my first 1/2 marathon, at 41 years old, your words have inspired me. I also got chills also when I read your words. I will be runnig 12 miles this weekend and then my tapering begins. An achilles injury slowed down my training, but there is nothing stopping me (us) now.

    Maybe you can dedicate a mile to me, since 13 is already taken, maybe 13.1, the finish of the 1/2 marathon.

    And again, even though we don’t know each other personally, I want to say that i’m proud of you (maybe it’s the dad in me), this is a huge accmplishment and you should take pride in what you have done.

    I wish you a great 16 more days, get your rest, stay hydrated and stay safe.

    All the best,

    • sarajane

      I would be beyond happy to dedicate my halfway point to you. You will be proudly crossing the finish line, and what a feeling it will be!

      Spartans (and runners…how lucky we are to be both!) have a connection unlike any other, and I’m so glad that you found my blog and have continued to read and comment. Your support and insight into your training have been a huge motivator and inspiration for me as well.

      It’s wonderful that you were able to recover from injury and go on with your training. I’m glad that it only slowed down training a bit, but it didn’t discourage you to the point of quitting. You will own those 13.1 miles in 16 days, and I’ll be cheering you on along with a whole city of people.

      Go Green! Go White! Go Rob!

      Best of Luck & Happy Running,

  2. Kelly

    You inspire me everyday Sara, and I try to tell you as much as I can. I cannot wait to be in downtown Detroit to cheer you on and watch you kick some ass.

    You are amazing!!!!!!

    • sarajane

      Kel–you’re amazing, and I’m so thrilled that you are coming out for the race. I can’t wait to see you there. Mile 19…it’s for you, girly 🙂

  3. Aunt Genny & Uncle Jerry

    Sara, Although we won’t be able to “root” for you in person (as we will be on vacation) Uncle Jerry & I will be thinking of you and wishing you the best of runs. We admire your determination and dedication. Go Green, Go White, Go Sara!

  4. Aunt Genny & Uncle Jerry

    p.s. would be honored if you pick a mile for us!

  5. Jeremy

    oooooooOoo!!! Lucky number 7!? Pick me pick me! =) You’re doing great Sara, you focus and dedication to your training schedule it awesome. I’m glad you started this blog so we all can follow your progress, btw, those medals look sweet!

    • sarajane

      Thanks “jalonso.” Mile 7 is all yours…I’d be more than happy to run a mile for you (and run it like a machine…haha). The medals do look pretty awesome…can’t wait to have one of those around my neck. Good luck with Long Beach!

  6. Paul

    It’s time to taper!! Keep up the great work Sara! Thanks for writing the blog, I really enjoy it!

    Can you dedicate mile 26.3 to me? That’s when the partying starts! haha

    • sarajane

      Taper time! woo woo 🙂 I’m glad you enjoy the blog 🙂 I’ll definitely dedicate that first post-race drink to you…and mile 18 is for you as well. Thanks for the motivation, support, and talking running with me. You’ve got your own marathon coming up in a few weeks as well…you’ll do great! Now, let’s taper…and kick some butt.

  7. Cuz Nick

    Hey Sara!

    I wish you all the best on your home stretch towards marathon-dom! Keep your head up and your pace down. If the 16th mile is still open, I’ll take it for my birthdate!

    Cheers from Texas,

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