One 23-year-old’s quest to run and finish a marathon. No more excuses.

This blog is a place for me to record my journey–everything from workouts and meals, to post-workout routines and any extraordinary things I experience along the way. It is a way for me to keep a running log, start writing again, and will help me stay on track.

Please, feel free to join in the conversation and share your experiences, encouragement, or just a friendly ‘hello.’ I look forward to sharing my journey to 26.2 with you.


10 responses to “About

  1. mom

    just finished ready your very good journal entry for the last two days. I can’t tell you how proud i am of you!!!! your pedicure and manicure are on me in October!!! I can’t wait to do some workouts with you. see you soon, doad!!! keep up the good work. you are one driven young lady!!!!

  2. Rob

    I’m a fellow spartan (allbeit a bit older than you) and I am in training also, the Detroit Marathon will by my 1st 1/2 marathon. Reading your posts gives me inspiration. I’m recovering from an injury and am getting back on the road this week. Good Luck to you. (found you through the DetroitSpartans email)


    • sarajane

      Hi Rob!

      I’m so glad I’ve been able to inspire you. You’ll be back at it again in no time. Just remember to take it slow and listen to your body…don’t want to fall into another injury. You can bounce back though…I’ve had two foot surgeries, so I know it is certainly possible.

      Hope to hear some of your adventures!

  3. JoAnne Hassen

    An extraordinary young woman with extraordinary ambition. Go get ’em!

  4. Katy

    Your training has provided so much to me over these past few months. Besides the obvious exercising, it has given me something to look forward to, something to take my mind off of emotionally draining times, and something to strive for. You’re the most goal-oriented, ambitious person I know, and I admire you so much. In a word: thanks. Thanks for being my friend, thanks for being my inspiration, and thanks for being in my life. You’re the best friend a girl could ask for, and I can’t wait to see you cross that finish line!

    • sarajane

      Aw, thanks Katy! I could not have completed so many of my runs without you…thanks for joining me on so many workouts. There are still 26 days to go…a few more workouts left…I hope you will be joining me for a few 🙂 Can’t wait to see you as I cross the finish line!

  5. Mom

    You go girl!!! I can’t wait to cheer you on. I will be there at the beginning and the end. You are certainly one very ambitious girl. You are so ambitious and I know you will do whatever you set your sights on. Let me tell you again, I am so proud of you. You are so committed. I love you and am proud to call you my daughter!!! Good Luck and remember the spa is on me!!! Go Sara————–

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