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Redondo Beach Super Bowl Sunday 10K

After relaxing in the hot tub last night, I took a shower and put my hair in french braids. I love running in french braids because it keeps your hair completely out of your face and off your neck, and there is no ponytail bouncing around. With that taken care of, all I had to do when I woke up this morning was wash my face, brush my teeth, put some clothes on (and deodorant…who wants to be the stinky one before the race? HA!), and eat a little power breakfast.

Breakfast consisted of oatmeal, a piece of toast with peanut butter, a small cup of coffee, a few sips of Red Bull, and some water. Mmm mmm. I gathered my belongings, and everyone met at my apartment and off we went to the start line. Essentials: shoes with time chip, bib, chapstick, ID & cash (for post-race brunch) in saran wrap (so it didn’t get sweaty), watch, and apartment key in my shoe keyholder that attaches to my shoelaces. We had a little while before the race, which was nice because there was plenty of time to find the others we were meeting up with, stretch, and get ready to go. Finally, it was time to go, and although it was quite a cool morning it warmed up quickly as the sun came out and shined on us.

We crossed the start line, headed up a slight incline, and off we went through Redondo Beach. We ran through the city, down to the drive along the ocean for the second half of the run, had a downhill stretch followed by a good hill just past the 5-mile mark, then came in around the fisherman’s wharf and into the finish!

Just before the 5-mile mark I took off my long-sleeve since the sun was beating down, and tied it around my waist. Quite refreshing. I grabbed a cup from the last water station as I ran by and kicked it in. All in all, it was a great race. I probably could have pushed a bit harder at the end, but I didn’t realize quite how close I was to the end until I was there. I’m totally fine with it though, and happy with my 56:39 finish time which means I was just near a pace of 9:30/mile. Great way to start off the day! Post-race, everyone got two free beers at the beer garden however I only drank about half of my first one. Water is usually preferable after a run, but really a cold beverage in general was just fine. After everyone finished and we hung out for a little while, we headed over to CJ’s Pantry for a delicious brunch and good times.

Today’s run even allowed me some time to think about good things to post about on here. I have a few upcoming entries that I think will be enjoyable to write and hopefully enjoyable for you to read. Topics to come include: race cheerleaders, the start line, racing with other people, water stations, and great things about races in general. I was going to write about my thoughts today, but I figured these would be great go-to topics for when I have a rest day, instead of boring you with about how I rested and kept hydrated, and even stretched on my day off. If there are any other topics you might like to read about, let me know and I’ll be happy to add them to the “rest day topics” queue.

Finally, I’d like to dedicate this post to Chris (Grandpa), Kelly (Coffee Ho), Julie (Goose), Brianna, David, and Kelly & Julie’s uncles Rick & Patrick. Great race everyone!

Super Bowl Sunday 10K…success.


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Picked up my race number number and t-shirt today. Number 1866. Checked out where the start line is, and it is perfect because it is just a short walk from my apartment so it will be a good warm-up to just head to the start line right from home.

I’m looking forward to some hot tub relaxation tonight with some friends that will be running the 10K as well. Then a good night of rest, before a bright and early morning and a what I hope will be a solid 6.2 miles. I’m not looking to finish in any specific amount of time, just to finish and feel good…so we’ll see how that all works out! This is my first race in quite some time, so I am hoping the adrenaline flow will be a good one and it won’t be too much of a challenge. We will find out in just 14 hours!

Although there is a costume contest that they have in conjunction with the race, and a lot of people will be in costume I have decided to opt out of the costume option. Instead, I will be sporting black running capris and a bright pink running tank. I like to keep it plain and simple 🙂

Well, that’s all folks. Time to relax and have an early night tonight. Happy Super Bowl Sunday…enjoy a good morning workout and of course, some good food, drink, friends, football, and advertising!

10K Eve…success.

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last workout before sunday’s 10k

Today was my last workout before running the 10K I am registered for on Sunday. My workout today was 4 x 5:00, with a 2 min. brisk walk in between each one. I had to make this a treadmill workout since it is pouring rain outside. I actually benefitted from using the treadmill for this workout, because it allowed me to adjust my pace and keep going as I wished, with no option for slowing down. I had to adjust my breathing instead of adjusting my pace if I started to get tired at all.

The workout was going just lovely, I was feeling great, and then in the middle of my last 5:00 stretch who walks into the cardio center? That’s right, the girl with the dog…the dog who apparently works out on the treadmill. Come to find out when another girl came in just after her and looked surprise, girl with dog confessed that she only does this when it rains. I suppose that is acceptable, however I’m still not sure how I feel about doing it when there are other people working out considering the small size of the cardio center here. To each his own…what can you do?!

Anyway, I finished up my workout and cooled down. I’m looking forward to a rest day tomorrow and getting in some good stretching. I’m also going to head over to the health and fitness expo that is being held in conjunction with the 10K, so I can pick up my race number and look around at the different vendors.

Although this has been a challenging week as far as motivation goes, I feel great that I got a good week of solid workouts in. How is your training going? Have you been having any challenges lately?

Hope everyone has a great Friday evening, and enjoy your Saturday workout or rest day. I’ll be back tomorrow, and of course I hope you are looking as forward to Sunday’s 10K recap as I am!

Last workout before 10K…success.


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5 x 2:00

There are only a few more whole days left until Sunday morning’s 10K, which means keeping on top of my plan is crucial if I want to finish strong…and of course, I want to finish strong.

I have not done an interval workout in a long time, and finally I feel that I have built a strong enough base to start incorporating intervals into my routine. Also, I want to start fitting them in since they will certainly become a regular part of my routine soon.

I filled my calendar in with training runs last night. April-June training will build me up for the Dexter/Ann Arbor Half Marathon at the beginning of June (props to my friend, Amy, who will also be running that race!). My soon-to-be coworker, Cassie, has been wanting to run that race too so we’re hoping to get that done in June! Then, I will have a couple weeks of rest and recovery runs and workouts. On June 28, the strict marathon training plan kicks in at full force. June 28-Oct. 17 is Sara’s Marathon Mania!

So, back to intervals…today was the first day of intervals, so off I went to the path along the beach.

The plan: 4 x 2:00, with 1:00 in between each. The air: stiff and dry. The temperature: perfect. Me: tired but still determined to work out hard.

By the third one I was feeling winded and tired, but that could not stop me. Plus, if you haven’t caught on by now whatever workout I usually have in my mind at the beginning of a workout often means something a little longer or harder. I was determined that I could finish five. And, I did.

5 x 2:00, with 1:00 in between each, a 1:00 rest after five, then a 10 min. easy run. Delightful. Worked hard, got the heart rate up, breathed hard, moved the arms, kept good posture and stride, and felt tired at the end. And, I even had that burning sort of feeling in my throat at the end–you other runners might know what I’m talking about…or you might not…but it definitely makes you need to spit, and spitting never feels as good as when you’ve just finished a good sprint workout. After that, I’m feeling good about Sunday’s 10K, and with two more training days left to go I’m sure I can get in two more solid workouts to prepare myself.

Now, time for some stretching, dinner, and relaxation.

First interval workout…success.

P.S. Are you enjoying this blog? I would love to keep it as interesting as possible, while still using it as a type of training log. I do have some ideas for interesting topics related to training and running for the near future, but also if you have anything you’d like to hear about, let me know!


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goal: 5 miles on the treadmill…accomplishment: 6.5 miles on the treadmill…get it!

I chose to do a treadmill workout tonight because I wanted to work on some pacing and posture. As much as I hate the treadmill, I love using it as tool for working on my pace. After dinner (I made some delicious fatayers), I relaxed a bit and hydrated so I’d be ready to go for a late night treadmill run. Finally, when 9pm hit I knew I had to go workout or else I wouldn’t do it, and not working out was not an option for me today. Remember what I said when I started this blog? No excuses!

Like I mentioned yesterday, I registered for a 10K this coming Sunday so this week is crucial in making sure that I can finish the race strong. I set the treadmill and off I went. I hit 5K right around 29 minutes, which was a bit slower than I would have liked, but it was sub-30 so I’m okay with it. My goal when I got on the treadmill was 5 miles, but as I kept going I knew if I could hit 6.5 miles tonight then I could surely finish 10K (6.2 miles) on Sunday. I worked on my pacing and gradually increased my speed, and I finished 6.5 miles in 59 minutes. Look at that! I set a goal, I pushed the limit, and boom…accomplishment! What a good feeling.

I cooled down and did a lot of stretching. Here am I now after a cold shower, icing. The more I run, the more I remember how truly important post-run stretching and ice is on a regular basis. I am certainly going to keep it up, because I certainly do not want tight muscles, or any injury for that matter. I need to take care of my feet too…starting to get a few blisters. Hate ’em, but they’re an inevitable part of running so I suppose I will have to live with them and just take care of my feet for the next nine months. You can bet I’m already planning a pedicure at the end of October!

Also, since I’ve been doing my best to eat foods that give me fuel and energy, and replenish the vitamins and nutrients my body needs and uses in workouts, I’ve been feeling much better. Everything I ate yesterday was not the best food, and I could tell quite a difference. The more I work on my eating habits and more I learn about what different foods provide, the more enjoyable healthy eating actually is for me, and the better I feel!

Four days left until the 10K. Tomorrow, I hope to get an interval workout in. Thursday will be a 5-mile run. Friday will be repeats. Saturday will be a rest day, prior to the Super Bowl Sunday morning race.

Keep up the good work everyone…let’s do this!

Tuesday treadmill workout…success.


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pasta for lunch…four miles for dinner…

I went out to lunch with a co-worker and had pasta for lunch, figuring a nice carb dish would be beneficial for a run later in the day. Let’s not even mention how delicious the pasta was!

After feeling rather exhausted all day, I fit a solid four mile run in around 6pm. Chris and Dan joined, riding their beach cruisers while I ran. To be honest, I wasn’t feeling the run but I knew I could finish strong enough and get some good rest later so I stuck it out. Plus, I just registered for a 10K this coming Sunday (more on that in the coming days) so I don’t want to slack off too much this week and end up hurting myself Sunday morning.

One of my feet has been needing some care, the foot that I most recently had surgery on. I’ve been doing exercises and stretches with it, and icing it to be sure I’m nurturing it enough to keep it in tip-top shape. Looking forward to another good run tomorrow…I think we’re looking at somewhere between 4 and 6 miles for tomorrow. The plan: throw some laundry in the washer mid-afternoon and head out for a run while the laundry gets clean! Now, there’s some good multi-tasking.

Also, I have been feeling really tired lately so getting on a better sleeping schedule and back into a routine is completely necessary. I think this will help me out with getting in some better runs too, since my body will always have an adequate amount of time to rest and recover each night.

Do you have any races coming up? Do share!

Four miles…success.

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