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pasta for lunch…four miles for dinner…

I went out to lunch with a co-worker and had pasta for lunch, figuring a nice carb dish would be beneficial for a run later in the day. Let’s not even mention how delicious the pasta was!

After feeling rather exhausted all day, I fit a solid four mile run in around 6pm. Chris and Dan joined, riding their beach cruisers while I ran. To be honest, I wasn’t feeling the run but I knew I could finish strong enough and get some good rest later so I stuck it out. Plus, I just registered for a 10K this coming Sunday (more on that in the coming days) so I don’t want to slack off too much this week and end up hurting myself Sunday morning.

One of my feet has been needing some care, the foot that I most recently had surgery on. I’ve been doing exercises and stretches with it, and icing it to be sure I’m nurturing it enough to keep it in tip-top shape. Looking forward to another good run tomorrow…I think we’re looking at somewhere between 4 and 6 miles for tomorrow. The plan: throw some laundry in the washer mid-afternoon and head out for a run while the laundry gets clean! Now, there’s some good multi-tasking.

Also, I have been feeling really tired lately so getting on a better sleeping schedule and back into a routine is completely necessary. I think this will help me out with getting in some better runs too, since my body will always have an adequate amount of time to rest and recover each night.

Do you have any races coming up? Do share!

Four miles…success.


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four-mile night run

Yes, I was a bit sore today from yesterday’s long run. Yes, I drank a ton of water today. No, that was not going to stop me today.

Kelly and I went to the outlets today and had a nice afternoon…it was a great day out! We headed to the Reebok store to look and see what kind of good deals we could find. I got some great new apparel for running. Unfortunately, they did not have any of the running capris that I absolutely love, but they did have long sleeve running tops with thumbholes (and I bought 3!).

We had a delicious lunch on the patio at BJ’s Brewery–I had a BBQ pulled pork sandwich w/ crispy onions on it and it was incredibly delicious.

So, what more do you need than a good afternoon and new running apparel to get you pumped up for a run? Well, when I got home and got my mail a new issue of Runner’s World in my mailbox certainly helped increase the excitement even more!

I got a few things done, took a cat nap, and met everyone at the pier for a night run. We got in a good four miles tonight and I still am feeling great. I am attributing to feeling better during my runs a lot to my food and drink habits lately–what a difference it makes!

Tomorrow will certainly be a cross-training day so that I can keep the cardio up and workouts in my routine, but I also want to allow my body to rest and recover as well.

I hope everyone is training well, eating well, and taking on new exercise challenges!! I hope you’re enjoying this blog too, and if you have any feedback feel free to let me know.

4-mile night run…success.

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day four

Goal: easy 3-4 miles
Accomplishment: easy 4 miles
Terrain: cement
How I Felt: good, comfortable, motivated, slightly dehydrated

Once again I have to head out for an all-day event today, so the best time to get my run in was the morning. And, let’s be honest for a moment here…the best time to get a run in any day is usually the morning anyway…it feels so great to start your day off like that.

Today’s goal in the training plan was an easy 3-4 miles, and I knew I could hit the high end of that at 4 miles. I ran the opposite direction from what I have gone the past few days since it is nice to change it up every now and then. I ran past Emerald St., Garnet St., Pearl St., Ruby St., Sapphire St., Topaz St…past Knob Hill Ave. (yes, the beautiful gem names stopped)…and finally I hit Ave. A which was my halfway point. I was feeling decent at this 2-mile mark, especially considering that from about minute 11 to minute 15 (or so) was a gradual uphill experience. Anyway, at Ave. A, I turned around and headed back the 2 miles I had just run and I ran it on the opposite side of the street (once again, it’s nice to change up the view). The temperature wasn’t too hot or too cold–capris and a tank today. I forgot how nice it is to wear some nice athletic capris, where the fabric really helps to regulate your body temperature and wick away moisture.

Today’s playlist was great–birds, cars, people passing, bikers, other runners, all the lovely sounds of a beautiful morning. The more I run without my iPod, the more I realize how much I enjoy running just me, the open road, and everything around me. It helps me breathe a little easier, keep pace a little better, and de-stress a little more. There will certainly be days when I will still take my iPod (I take the Shuffle on runs…I bought it a couple years back for the sole purpose of using it during workouts) with me when I’m in the mood for some good tunes to keep me company, but I love that I have been able to break through the wall of running without music.

Well, I got back home…said ‘hello’ to the maintenance men as they were arriving to work for the day…and when I reached my apartment, I got in my post-run stretching followed up with a cinnamon raisin bagel, orange juice, and water.

I wanted to blog this morning for you to enjoy today, and now here I am with just one hour left before having to head out for the day. I better get a move on and get in the shower…the clock’s a-tickin’!

Day four…success.

Happy Running!

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