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i’m so hardcore…

run in the rainThere is something exhilarating about running in the rain. I won’t lie, I even feel pretty hardcore when I go for a good solid run in the rain and even finish strong.

It was overcast all day today – raining or just slightly misting all day. I knew today’s run would be a wet one, but that made me even a bit more excited to get my run in for the day. See, I love to run in the rain. It feels nice every now and then to get out there in the cool, moist air and allow the rain to keep you cool through the miles.

Today’s run needed to be about 5 miles, so after sleeping in today then running some errands with my mom (in my running gear just so I was sure to head out for my run once I got home), I laced up the trusty running shoes, grabbed my watch, and off I went. The rain was only a light mist as I headed out and the air felt perfect. As I continued on, the rain started to pick up a little but I wasn’t worried…I was feeling good.

About midway through my run is when the rain really picked up, but I carried on. I did an out and back route, and on the way back the wind was stronger, blowing the rain in my face a bit but hey, that only made me that much more hardcore!

I can’t express how nice it felt to be running and have the thought cross my mind, “well glad I got in my easy run today…5 miles…” That’s right…5 miles was easy! That means I’m doing something right, my mileage increases aren’t too drastic in too short of an amount of time, and I’m progressing. YES! I even knocked out a mini hill at the end of my run and just kept pushing. I reminded myself that the end of a run is almost always mental…in fact, for me running is mostly mental (yeah, I know you’re laughing and thinking, yes Sara you are mental…I get the joke all the time… :-p). Great run to end the weekend and get me motivated for the upcoming week of training.

That being said, just want to remind you for those who are getting ready to do a half in June with me, it is just two months away now! And, the full is six months away but quickly approaching. Let’s keep goin’.

Easy five in the rain…success.


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So Long Sauconys

Goal: 5 miles. Accomplishment: 5 miles (ok, maybe just slightly more…but for all practical purposes it was 5 miles). Feeling: tired and a bit sore. Temperature: cool and breezy. Terrain: paved path along the beach. Apparel: Nike tank and Under Armour shorts. Shoes: Sauconys.

I ran in my trusty Sauconys for quite some time, that is until I switched to a pair of Reeboks. Now, I admit the reason I bought Reeboks was because of an employee discount. I used to swear up and down that Brooks were the best running shoe, then I wanted to try something new and that is when I bought the aforementioned Sauconys. My opinion: stick with the Brooks. However, since I was compelled to buy and try out a pair of Reeboks I must admit that I was quite impressed with the weight and comfort of the shoe. My Reeboks are honest to goodness the most comfortable shoe I have worn to run for quite some time, and not just because I got a discount. I’m not one to buy a running shoe based on price or brand, especially after having two foot surgeries. Comfort, fit and durability are most important to me, and that is how a running shoe purchase decision should be made anyway!

Anyway, I decided I would give my Sauconys one more chance today. I laced them up and took them with me for a 5-mile adventure. To be honest, after less than a mile I was ready to turn around go change shoes. I kept going and wore them for the whole 5 miles though, and during that time I decided this would be the last run with these shoes that had treated my fairly well in the past. Time to donate.

I finished my run and stretched out, and headed home a better person for having finished that run. I wanted to quit almost every step of the run, taking one heavy step after another. My scratchy throat only added to my desire to quite, and water wasn’t helping all that much. My muscles were sore, I was done with my shoes, and my throat was another story. It was one of the less favorable runs I have had this year, but it happens to the best of us and all you can do is finish those runs one heavy step at a time and remember that better runs are ahead.

Here’s to hoping I can remedy my throat in time for Sunday’s 10K race; to a well-deserved and relaxing hot tub session tonight; and, to sending off my Sauconys to a new home, may they enjoy their new adventures, and be worn and enjoyed by someone who does not have shoes but will very soon.

Five-mile run…success.

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