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I Run, Katy Rollerblades

It was beautiful outside all week. It would have been a sin to not get outside and enjoy the weather at least for a little while on a day or two. And, that is exactly what Katy and I did. We worked out outside and enjoyed the fresh air and pleasant temperatures. Katy put her rollerblades on and I laced up my running shoes. Off we went, gallivanting around town.

It is so nice to have somebody to workout with, even if they are doing something different. One of the most difficult things for me is finding times when myself and any of my runner friends have the same time available to go for a run. I don’t mind going for a run with someone who wants to bike or rollerblade, or do whatever else though. Just getting the workout in, and having someone else to keep you motivated, is good enough.

This past week, I did all of my workouts with Katy…her on rollerblade, me on my feet. We went a different route each time, and we even got in some solid abs and upper body exercises each day.

I’ve been back on the healthier eating train again and now that I feel like I’m getting into a bit of a routine, I think I’m ready to start with my training plan once April approaches (and, I am sure it will be here before I know it!). I’ve got April, May, and most of June to get ready for the half-marathon I will be running at the end of June. It seems far away, but when I think about when I first started this blog and this whole journey, I realize that it truly is not much time all. Surely, it is enough…so long as I keep up with the training and keep myself healthy.

After a good week of workouts, I have to admit…a bit of vino and some molten lava chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream was quite a delicious and relaxing way to end the weekend and enter into a new week!

Working out around town with a friend all week…success.

Did you remember to treat yourself to a treat for reaching your goals this week?


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i’m a little crooked…

I spent an hour with a personal trainer today. We went through some tests to see how my body is aligned, what I know how to do, and where I need some work.

I’m a little crooked. This is something I already knew though–my hips aren’t lined up. So, we worked on some things to help keep my body strong so that this doesn’t get worse, or cause problems later on.

Another thing I already knew…my abdominals are weak. Something I didn’t already know though…my TVA is strong. I learned some good exercises for my upper and mid abs, and plan to add these into the mix as often as possible, especially on my cross training days.

I know I won’t have time to get a workout in tomorrow, so I am going to use tomorrow as my rest day. Thursday is another personal trainer day, and I’m looking forward to getting some longer runs in this weekend.

I know this is a short and sweet post today, but I’m on track to be asleep by midnight so I’m going to get going. I’m hoping to wake up early tomorrow and get a few things done.

How is everyone’s March going so far? Are you reaching your exercise goals? Are you advancing your workouts? Keep it up!

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