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fitting it in

I woke up this morning and thought to myself, “I should really get up, go workout, and get ready before my brother wakes up.” Then, I rolled over and slept a bit longer. We had a long day yesterday and I was tired, what can I say?

We ended up waking up about the same time, so as to be diligent I still went and worked out while my brother was getting ready. I headed down to the cardio center and spent some time on the treadmill and on the bike. My knee has been irritating me just a bit lately so I want to be sure to keep it strong, and use the bike to strengthen my knees and quads.

I got a great workout in and when I came up, my brother was ready and I just had to quickly shower and get ready so we could head out for the day. We were going to take a little road trip down to San Diego but since we got a late start on our day, we decided to put that off until tomorrow. Instead, we went to the Hermosa Beach Farmers’ Market, had Chik-Fil-A for lunch (mmm..mmm…haha!), headed up to the Venice Canals, spent a little time downtown Manhattan Beach, checked out my favorite shop downtown Hermosa Beach, and now we are just relaxing a bit before going to meet a couple of my friends for sushi tonight.

We are hoping to get an early start tomorrow, so tomorrow will either be a super early workout or a strength training day. We’ll see ­čÖé

Gotta fit it in…a workout in some way, shape, or form…and I will!

Quick late start workout…success.


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Cross-train & Stay Injury Free

Learning how and when to cross-train is one of the most important parts of exercising. I have learned during my experiences as an athlete, cross-training is not only effective in helping to build a stronger core and get you in better physical shape overall, but it also helps keep you injury free.

My knees have always been a problem area for me, and the impact from figure skating was certainly not a helping factor in this area. Thank goodness for physical therapy back in the day, though, as I have been able to learn from that and put to good use the exercises that I used to do at physical therapy.

Since I have started my training regimen in advance for the Detroit marathon in October, so that I have a solid base to work from when the strict training begins, I want to make sure that I keep myself healthy and hopefully keep myself free of any injury. For me, this especially means paying attention to, and taking extra care of, my feet and knees.

Just a few days ago marked the one year anniversary of having my second foot surgery. That means I am at nearly full recovery, but if I want to be sure to be at full recovery and maintain movement in my joint I need to pay attention to everything.

That being said, since I ran a race yesterday and my foot has been slightly bothering me lately I still wanted to get my workout in today, but I didn’t want to overdo it. Now, when I say that it has been bothering me, let me give you a better idea: basically, where the surgery was done it is still a bit tender and I am more aware of that area of my foot, if you will. As long as I ice it and nurse it, I can still use it and bring it to 100% recovery. So, in keeping with cross-training and staying injury free I did an easy run today along with a bike workout.

The great thing about bike workouts as cross-training is that bikes can work your whole body. Even better for me, biking is good for strengthening your knees and has a low impact on your feet. By working the mobility in your knees and hips, and strengthening your quad muscles, your lower body gets a good alignment and strength workout. Depending on what kind of bike you are on and how you are sitting, it is possibly that your upper body will get a workout too.

Remembering that cross-training days are just as important as running days is important. It doesn’t just take the ability to run to complete a marathon, but it takes patience, strength, and endurance just to name a few. Cross-training will help you become a better runner and it will help you keep your activity level up while keeping your risk for injury down.

Cross-training day…success.

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getting used to that 60 minute mark…so i can pass it later…

Like I mentioned the other day, I am trying to work on getting used to being on my feet for a long period of time in preparation for the marathon. This, combined with using every muscle in my body to get stronger, will be one of the greatest challenges.

As I did a workout today in the cardio center today (once again, TONS of rain and wind in LA…as in downpours, not good running rain) I took note of a few things (other than the dog running on the treadmill next to me–more to come on that in ┬ámoment) that I have been noticing as I embark on my training plan. A few major things I noticed that I must work on are my breathing patterns, my leg muscles, my knees, and my hip flexors.

None of this comes as a major surprise to me, especially the knees. For those of you who know me, you likely know that I have been through physical therapy and have struggled with weak knees in the past. Well, thank goodness I learned how to take care of my knees through all of that physical therapy I went through. I will certainly be working on some strengthening exercise to strengthen my knees and the surrounding muscles, especially my quads which will help my knee strength as well.

Breathing patterns are one of my biggest weaknesses and I need to really work on figuring all of that out.

Other than that, I am focusing on amount of time spent working out rather than mileage right now. Mileage will come after I get myself going, into good patterns, and can endure. Right now, I am working with a solid 60-minute time that I would like to continue use as a marker. I will continue with that mark, and I will eventually be comfortable with it and will push past it, no doubt.

So now that business has been taken care of…the dog on the treadmill. This is a true story, and just proof that I truly need to have some type of camera on me at all times. I walk down to the cardio center today and sure enough, some chic is walking her dog on the treadmill! It is one thing to walk your dog on your own treadmill but really, do you need to walk your dog on in public workout room? Ugh! Luckily, she wasn’t there for much longer after I got there. Weird…but whatever…to each his own, right?

Today’s workout: 45 minutes on the treadmill–combo of running and speed-walking on an incline, and 15 minutes on the bike.
Total mileage covered: about 7.5 miles

Off to shower and get ready…I’m going to see one of my favorite bands, Rocco DeLuca & The Burden, tonight!

Cardio center…success.

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