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last workout before sunday’s 10k

Today was my last workout before running the 10K I am registered for on Sunday. My workout today was 4 x 5:00, with a 2 min. brisk walk in between each one. I had to make this a treadmill workout since it is pouring rain outside. I actually benefitted from using the treadmill for this workout, because it allowed me to adjust my pace and keep going as I wished, with no option for slowing down. I had to adjust my breathing instead of adjusting my pace if I started to get tired at all.

The workout was going just lovely, I was feeling great, and then in the middle of my last 5:00 stretch who walks into the cardio center? That’s right, the girl with the dog…the dog who apparently works out on the treadmill. Come to find out when another girl came in just after her and looked surprise, girl with dog confessed that she only does this when it rains. I suppose that is acceptable, however I’m still not sure how I feel about doing it when there are other people working out considering the small size of the cardio center here. To each his own…what can you do?!

Anyway, I finished up my workout and cooled down. I’m looking forward to a rest day tomorrow and getting in some good stretching. I’m also going to head over to the health and fitness expo that is being held in conjunction with the 10K, so I can pick up my race number and look around at the different vendors.

Although this has been a challenging week as far as motivation goes, I feel great that I got a good week of solid workouts in. How is your training going? Have you been having any challenges lately?

Hope everyone has a great Friday evening, and enjoy your Saturday workout or rest day. I’ll be back tomorrow, and of course I hope you are looking as forward to Sunday’s 10K recap as I am!

Last workout before 10K…success.



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