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I did it!!!

I ran 26.2 miles. I crossed the finish line with a smile. I FINISHED A MARATHON!

The weather was perfect, the volunteers were great, the crowd was awesome, the scenery was fantastic.


The months of  training paid off. I felt strong more than most of the way, I never doubted whether I would finish or not, I had fun, and I was even able to give a little kick at the end and cross that finish line strong.

I ran this city and I finished…all of it…I ran long and far…and I couldn’t be happier (or more sore!). I will share more details later…for now, I’m still celebrating (and recovering).

Congratulations to everyone who finished a race this weekend, especially to those who ran Detroit with me. We rocked it!

26.2 miles…success. đŸ˜€


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the journey

Thanks for visiting and being a part of one girl’s journey to run 26.2 miles. I know this is a feat that many people have accomplished all over the world, and I am of nothing special for wanting to do this.

I started this blog for two reasons:
1) I miss writing. I don’t do it half as much as I used to and it is something I love doing. By forcing myself to keep this blog, I will force myself to get back into writing, both here and in my paper journal that I keep to this day (that only these eyes see).
2) I miss daily exercise, most notably running, and have been wanting to complete a marathon for quite some time now. By keeping this blog, I will be held accountable for updating on a daily basis and sharing with you my journey to run 26.2 miles.

Journey to 26.2 will highlight my quest to run a marathon. I have had this goal in mind for a few years now. Every time I start training, I start getting my mileage up and something gets in the way–slight injury I don’t work hard enough to bounce back from, my mind, life getting busy and me not making time to fit in that run, and so on…you get the idea.

No more excuses.

This year, I will train. I will work hard. I will not give up.

On Sunday, October 17, I will run the Detroit Free Press Marathon. I will finish. This will be my first marathon and my goal is to finish.

Join me–run with me, read with me, do one or do both–for the next ten months and let’s give it our all!


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