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hello there, friends

I know…I said I would have a post ready for Sunday…and here it is, Tuesday, and you are probably asking why I did not post on Sunday.

Well, I am going to be honest with you…because this blog is about being honest and keeping me in check with my training. And I have a lot to be ashamed of in the world of running from this past week. The truth is…

I only ran one day last week.


Ugh! It irritates me to even say it. But, as you know if you know me well enough (or even not very well at all), I tend to find the silver lining in most everything. It’s not like I really have to find the silver lining in this one…after all, I did it to myself. But, I went ahead and found it anyway.

I have had a lot on my plate lately and I have been exhausted, even without adding running into the mix. Now that things have changed again in my world as far as work, school, life, location, etc., I finally feel like I am getting settled into a groove…well, as much of a groove as I can get into anyway. I am learning to juggle everything, prioritizing and deciding what things I really need to be doing everyday, what I can be putting off, what I can do a little bit at a time, and all that good stuff. Part of this is because I want time to relax…and a huge part of is that I greatly dislike that I am always having to check my calendar.

I can’t just make plans with a friend, because I have to check my calendar. People laugh at me when I say it, but it’s true…I have so many things going on, and since I am forgetful as it is, I have to put everything in my calendar. If I don’t check it, I will overbook myself (I have had tendencies to do this) and then I have to figure out what I can cancel or push back or do earlier…what a pain! And, it is even more of a pain if the event I have to change involves another person, because then I am not only changing my schedule but I am asking someone else to change his/her schedule too. I digress…back to running and the bad runner that I have been lately.

So, I have not been running and the worst part of it is that I feel less than stellar. I feel so good on days when I get in a good workout and eat well. So why haven’t I kept this in my routine anyway? Well, for me…it is not just about find a few extra minutes in the day to workout. I want to give it my all…I need 30 minutes at the very minimum for a workout, not to mention time to shower post-workout. And 30 minutes is just for a quick day…

When I started this blog, I said “no excuses”…I must workout. And, now it sounds like I am making all of the excuses in the world. But you know the best thing about making plans? The best thing is that you are allowed to change them, they are flexible, and if you do not allow your plans to be flexible you will surely drive yourself crazy. So, I have allowed myself some wiggle room while it is still available.

Come April 5, I will not have as much wiggle room. On April 5, it is time to go big or go home. I have a half-marathon to run at at the end of June. There’s no stopping me from doing it. It is okay that I have taken this week off and have gotten things in order. I have been able to get my act together in other areas of life, so that next week, when it is go time I can worry about keeping my running on track…and not have to worry about getting all of the other life stuff on track…I’ve already done it!

So, still…no excuses.

I still have it in me…and I’m still ready. There’s a half-marathon waiting for me in June and that’s my first big stepping stone on the way to the full marathon waiting for me in October.

Let’s do this!

Anyone else facing any workout challenges? Feel free to share them and how you get through them and work your way past them.



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wii fit

I dedicate this post to Shawn–she’s one of the best, and one of the most inspiring and greatest people I know. Without her, my days would be dull and my BBM skills would not be as stellar as they are (our BBM-ing marathons are enough to put anyone’s quick-typing thumbs to shame). My initial inspiration to start working out again this winter actually started with her and her dedication to going to the gym, learning to eat right, and learning more about what your body needs how to live healthier, better.

So, today’s workout consisted of 50 minutes on the Wii Fit. I would have like to gone for a run outside, but the winds were just too strong and who knows when the rain will start coming down again. Anyway, like Shawn says, “it’s always good to switch it up and give your body something different to do.” I did some running, some step aerobics, some balance exercises, and learned a few new yoga poses. I’m glad I got a good workout in, and followed it up with a light, delicious dinner–a toasted tomato sandwich and a bowl of Special K.

I’ve been drinking lots of water, too–now that’s good stuff!

Tomorrow’s weather is supposed to bring plenty more rain and more wind. A tornado or two touched down in areas of SoCal today, mudslides slid, and roads (and homes) flooded. We’ll see if it lets up at all, allowing for an outdoor workout. If not, another indoor workout will be just fine.

As we speak, The Biggest Loser is on TV and that is more inspiration added every week. The fact that these people can work that hard and lose that much weight, get into shape and do the workouts they do, learn to be healthy again and take care of themselves is absolutely amazing. I know if they can do what they do, then I can surely keep up my routine as someone who has been on the workout path for years now–no excuses, gotta keep going, and I will.

I hope those of you who are already exercising continue to do so, those of you who want to and haven’t started hopefully are starting to be inspired, and those of you who are fellow runners training for a race will keep it up.

Run on!

Wii fit day…success.

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the journey

Thanks for visiting and being a part of one girl’s journey to run 26.2 miles. I know this is a feat that many people have accomplished all over the world, and I am of nothing special for wanting to do this.

I started this blog for two reasons:
1) I miss writing. I don’t do it half as much as I used to and it is something I love doing. By forcing myself to keep this blog, I will force myself to get back into writing, both here and in my paper journal that I keep to this day (that only these eyes see).
2) I miss daily exercise, most notably running, and have been wanting to complete a marathon for quite some time now. By keeping this blog, I will be held accountable for updating on a daily basis and sharing with you my journey to run 26.2 miles.

Journey to 26.2 will highlight my quest to run a marathon. I have had this goal in mind for a few years now. Every time I start training, I start getting my mileage up and something gets in the way–slight injury I don’t work hard enough to bounce back from, my mind, life getting busy and me not making time to fit in that run, and so on…you get the idea.

No more excuses.

This year, I will train. I will work hard. I will not give up.

On Sunday, October 17, I will run the Detroit Free Press Marathon. I will finish. This will be my first marathon and my goal is to finish.

Join me–run with me, read with me, do one or do both–for the next ten months and let’s give it our all!


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