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Why Do You Run?

We all run for different reasons. But in the end, we all do it for ourselves. There’s something inside of us that pushes out that door every day and into the streets…just us, the wide open road, the strength of our body, and the will of our minds…

I passed by a few other runners on a couple runs this past week and it got me thinking…

We all looked so different. And, runners do look different from each other…they run different, they wear different apparel, have different strides…so on and so forth. What’s more is that regardless of all the physical things that differentiate each runner from one another is that we all are out there fighting our own battle, for reasons at least a little bit different from the next runner.

I know this idea has been brought up briefly in past posts, but it never ceases to amaze me.

For me, ultimately I run because it is a challenge for me and I will complete the Detroit marathon this coming October so I need to train. But, while that ultimate goal is always in the back of my mind I would be lying if I said that is absolutely what keeps me going on each and every run. Some days I run to relieve stress, some days it is to clear my head, some days it is to get a fun workout in with a friend, some days it is simply because I know I have to do it.

No matter the reason though, I tie my laces day after day and I hit the road. On a perfect running day, the air will be just breezy enough, the sounds of nature will act as a beautiful soundtrack, my breaths will come easy, my aches will be few (if any at all), and I’ll pass by just enough other runners to keep my motivation high.

And, this my friends is just one of the many reasons why I love running. It can bring people together to do one common thing with each other–run. The thing about people running together is that you don’t necessarily have to be out there with another person. Just passing by another runner, or even recapping with your running buddy who lives across the country about your day’s run is often enough. Merely knowing that there is someone out there working hard at it with you is what matters.

And while this is happening…while you are running together, each doing it for your own reasons, goals are being met. Different goals for everyone, and all are being met by way of the same activity–running.

This is why runners are connected, in a way that even they can hardly understand. We all are crazy enough to find the joy in fighting on our own two feet while gliding across the wide open road. And it is because we are crazy enough to find this joy that we are able to accomplish our goals.

So, tell me…why do YOU run?



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Making a List…Checking it Twice (per day)

At the beginning of 2009, I made a list of goals for the year. The list wasn’t long, but the few things on the list were lofty goals. You know, they say that people who write their goals down are more likely to achieve them. I don’t think this means write them down and never look at the piece of paper again, or only rarely for that matter. I think it means write them down in a place where you will see them often, if not multiple times a day every day.  Anyway, so I wrote this list of mine at the beginning of 2009, in a small notebook.

As I was packing up everything in my apartment prior to my move a few weeks ago, I came across that small notebook where I had written down my goals for 2009. I opened it up to take a look at the list…and you know what? I accomplished every goal on that list, and I accomplished them all last year. Wow!

Admittedly, I did come across that little notebook a few times throughout 2009 and used the blank pieces of paper behind the list, as well as took a look at that page with my goals and always left it in there. It was the first page in the book so I saw it every time I opened the notebook. Nice little reminder for me every now and then.

Don’t get me wrong…they were all goals I really wanted to accomplish and I am not certain if writing them down contributed a great deal to accomplishing them or not. Either way, the fact is I did write them and I did accomplish them. It must have played at least a small role, right?

I thought about this the other day and decided I clearly needed to do the same thing for 2010. I have a lot of things I would like to accomplish this year, and I know I am going to come across some big challenges. But, if I was able to accomplish all of my big goals in 2009, then certainly I can accomplish all of my goals for 2010. First step: I need to write them down.

As you know, the two reasons for this blog’s existence are to keep me on track for training for the Detroit Marathon and to get me back into writing. Naturally, these two things need to be at the top of my list for 2010. Today, I started my list and both are on there. “Run Detroit Marathon” is the first thing on the list. It is written down, I will be reminded of it every time I look at the list, I must accomplish it! I have every intention of looking at this list often, unlike last year’s list. With that intention, I will certainly be able to put a check next to everything my 2010 list – if I did it in 2009 without that same intent behind it, imagine what I can do in 2010!

On a side note, I could already check off “write more” (I won’t, because I want to keep it up and not let it fall to the side because of the check mark). After all, I have been keeping this blog up; and, by starting this blog I have even been noticed and have taken on a couple other writing jobs I am thrilled to be doing! Big things, I tell ya…big things, and it is only March.

Looks like I have a no-fail road to running the Detroit Marathon 😉

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running, social media, and a personal trainer

I realize I haven’t been blogging everyday, as I originally said I was going to do. To be honest, I said that because I thought it would be the best way for me to hold myself accountable for actually doing my workouts. I needed that at first. Now that I am getting into a good groove, I’m still getting the workouts in, but my days have been filling up with many more things to do, and I’m finding less and less time to sit down at the computer (especially for personal time). I will definitely be posting at least twice a week, will aim to post more than that, and will do everything I can to keep this entertaining, motivational, and a place for everyone to learn, laugh (at me), and share experiences!

I mentioned in my last post that I joined Life Time and have been very unsure about it. All of the amenities, the monthly fee, and the fact that I thought I wasn’t going to have to pay some upfront administration fee and then got charged. Well…for those of you who may have noticed on twitter, I had a brief back-and-forth with @lifetimefitness which resulted in an e-mail with a community manager at Life Time corporate offices. I let him know that I had quite a bad taste in my mouth and that had much to do with the fact that I was thinking about leaving (this is in fact, 100% truthful). I am not one to waste my time (or other people’s, for that matter) just trying to save a dime–I sincerely felt lied to, and this is what gave me the most negative feelings about joining a gym (something I am usually against anyway). Rob, the community manager over at Life Time responded promptly both to my tweets and to my e-mails. Seeing that I am a marketing/social media person myself, of course I was certainly impressed with this; but, even more than that I was so impressed with this in the sense of customer service, the promptness, professionalism, and willingness to come to a mutually beneficial resolution. Rob and I came to a resolution and I have agreed to give Life Time a second chance (everyone deserves a second chance if they’re willing to try too, right?!).

So, that being said I had my Fit Test scheduled for this evening with a personal trainer. I was planning on canceling, but I decided to give it a shot. I headed over to Life Time and met with Josh, the personal trainer I’ll be working with this month. He went through my Fit Test with me, to measure my BMI, VO2, bicep strength, flexibility, body composition, overall fitness, and my body age. He explained everything, was very thorough, and made some great recommendations. I have some LTBucks (this is Life Time currency/gift certificates) to use, and I will be using them on a couple more training sessions with Josh. We’ll see how those go, then we will take it from there. I’m really looking forward to working with him, hopefully for more than just a couple session – who knows?

We talked a lot about my marathon training and strength training. Like I have mentioned here before, I really want to work on my core and my muscles strength as I know that will be beneficial to my running as well. What always ends up happening when I start strength training is I stop because I reach a point where I get disinterested, I find a machine I don’t know how to use and don’t know who to ask, or some other lame excuse like that gets in my way. Not this time! This is what Josh and I will focus on for my sessions, and he even made it clear that the trainers are always willing to help with any questions members have while in the gym. If you have a question, don’t know how to use a machine, or whatever it may be, the trainers are there to help–they are not only there to help their personal clients.

After completing my Fit Test and discussing my goals with Josh, I went for a run on the treadmill. I ran a 5K, and felt great. I know it seems like I haven’t been making much progress, and it might even seem that I have almost gone backwards a bit. The thing is that I have to admit that my cross-country road trip really threw me off schedule, which really ended up throwing my workout routine for a curve ball too.

I have been getting better and better with my eating as the weeks go on though. I have also noticed that the better I eat, and the more water I drink, the better I feel and the more excited and motivated I am to go workout when I know I need to. It’s amazing how the body works! Something is always much easier to use and understand when you know how it actually functions–so go figure that if you take the time to figure out and learn about how your body truly works, it will be easier to use it and understand how to take better care of it!

This month’s goals:

  • make the most of personal training sessions
  • continue to eat well
  • drink lots of water
  • sleep
  • make progress in strength training
  • take at least one class each week

Fit Test…success.

P.S. My body age is…23…I’m right on par. Sure, I could be younger but at least I’m not older!

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walking and cross training

I just wrote a whole post about staying healthy, getting in good long walks, and cross training while traveling. My internet connection was lost as I clicked saved. Post = gone.


Anyway, I haven’t been able to get great runs in while on our cross-country road trip. I have been getting in great walking, stretching, and some strengthening exercise though, so I’ll take that for what it is worth. My knee has also had time to rest and it feels like it is getting back on track so that’s at least a good thing.

In one week, I will be back on track so I’m not worried. I know March will fly by too, and April brings the beginning of intense training so I’ll be ready to rock once I’m settled in and back on a schedule.

Little bumps in the road are no big deal.

Well, we’re in Vegas but I wanted to post (even if this isn’t as good as the one that got deleted 😦 ) and let you know I’m doing by best to stay in shape while on the road. I hope you are meeting your February exercise goals…if not, there is still one week to make it happen. Don’t forget to make some goals for March too…good month to make big plans, saying goodbye to Winter and ushering in Spring!

Staying healthy while on the road…success.

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