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i promise to keep running clothes in my car at all times

tonight’s run was stellar. it felt more like a cleansing than anything, after an absolutely fantastic weekend. i managed to see a lot of good people this weekend all across the state, and had a blast all weekend.

i’m exhausted though, so i don’t think that much good will come out of me sitting here trying to write right now.

i just want to say that during tonight’s run i decided that i will keep running clothes in my car at all times. more to come on that later.

congratulations to everyone who ran in the dexter-ann arbor half marathon today! way to go!

check back tomorrow for more 🙂

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i haven’t forgotten…

I haven’t forgotten about running, or working out, or anything like that.

I’ve been doing my best to get little workouts in here and there. These past few weeks have been extremely hectic and even thought I have gotten some runs and workouts in, they have not been what I would call my best workouts. Nevertheless, I am staying in shape and getting it done.

This weekend’s workouts got lost. In the midst of moving, I just couldn’t seem to bring myself to make time to workout…but hey, if you ask me moving is a workout in and of itself so that kind of counts.

Anyway, it’s about go time for the serious training.

I know I was supposed to have the half marathon coming up…but since I thought it was june 26, and i have since come to find out that it is actually june 6…the half marathon is actually not coming up. Due to my wrong thinking, I made plans for the weekend of the half marathon I was planning to run and to be quite honest, I’d rather keep my plans than change them and run the half marathon. After all, there will be other half marathons in the coming months that I will be able to run…and let’s be honest, the ultimate goal is 26.2 so as long as that is reached, I am ok with it.

Other than that, I am extremely excited to go grocery shopping this week. With an empty refrigerator and empty pantry, I need to stock up and I am looking very forward to getting lots of good energy foods and feel-good foods!

Also, things are starting to calm down a bit (if that truly ever actually happens) so yay for getting it together and not being in such a whirlwind of things. I think this will certainly help with my upcoming runs…and I won’t feel so rushed all the time (kind of like now…where I am kind of rushing because I really want to sleep).

Hope your running is going great too!

Looking forward to hearing about everyone’s warm weather runs as the weather seems to be taking a turn for the better lately!

Happy running.

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yes, i ran today…

yes, i have still been running. yes, i have been horrible at writing about it. yes, i have been swamped with a million other things going on. no, it’s not an excuse to leave you hanging without anything to read.

last week was a long week. i had a couple really late nights at work, which ended up putting a cramp in my running schedule for the week. ain’t no thang…that’s part of real life, and you roll with the punches. i still found ways to fit in workouts, whether a few quick situps at night, running up and down the stairs at work instead of taking the elevator, or whatever it may have been. this past week wasn’t enough to put a damper on my training as a whole though! i’m still going.

i got in a great run today…about 7 miles. the best part? when i finished, i felt like i could have done more. since i ran a route i had never gone before, i wasn’t too sure what my mileage was going to end up being…i was quite pleased when i mapped it out. if i was not in a bit of a time crunch, i probably would have kept going. but this was a great run. i had my ipod with me today…on shuffle…and had a lot of good stuff to listen to during my run, not to mention jason wade came on and sang to me more than once. oh jason wade and the wonderfulness of lifehouse…

here’s a question for you…is there anything weird that you like listening to while working out that is not normally pump-up music? i know for me, i would not consider lifehouse workout music, but i love lifehouse anytime, anywhere. i’m interested to hear what you like listening to that isn’t the average workout music.

this week is certainly going to be a trying week for my training. it is the last week before the annual youth leadership conference for which i am on the planning team. then, thursday night through sunday afternoon is go time for the conference and it’s going to be non-stop. the conference days are long enough as it is…it is going to be a challenge to fit a workout in but i certainly would like to try. we’ll see if i can make it happen.

well, carry on running friends.

less than one month til the half marathon!


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i’m so hardcore…

run in the rainThere is something exhilarating about running in the rain. I won’t lie, I even feel pretty hardcore when I go for a good solid run in the rain and even finish strong.

It was overcast all day today – raining or just slightly misting all day. I knew today’s run would be a wet one, but that made me even a bit more excited to get my run in for the day. See, I love to run in the rain. It feels nice every now and then to get out there in the cool, moist air and allow the rain to keep you cool through the miles.

Today’s run needed to be about 5 miles, so after sleeping in today then running some errands with my mom (in my running gear just so I was sure to head out for my run once I got home), I laced up the trusty running shoes, grabbed my watch, and off I went. The rain was only a light mist as I headed out and the air felt perfect. As I continued on, the rain started to pick up a little but I wasn’t worried…I was feeling good.

About midway through my run is when the rain really picked up, but I carried on. I did an out and back route, and on the way back the wind was stronger, blowing the rain in my face a bit but hey, that only made me that much more hardcore!

I can’t express how nice it felt to be running and have the thought cross my mind, “well glad I got in my easy run today…5 miles…” That’s right…5 miles was easy! That means I’m doing something right, my mileage increases aren’t too drastic in too short of an amount of time, and I’m progressing. YES! I even knocked out a mini hill at the end of my run and just kept pushing. I reminded myself that the end of a run is almost always mental…in fact, for me running is mostly mental (yeah, I know you’re laughing and thinking, yes Sara you are mental…I get the joke all the time… :-p). Great run to end the weekend and get me motivated for the upcoming week of training.

That being said, just want to remind you for those who are getting ready to do a half in June with me, it is just two months away now! And, the full is six months away but quickly approaching. Let’s keep goin’.

Easy five in the rain…success.

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and so it begins…

Well, this past week was my last week of training as I please…getting workouts in as I can, staying in shape just enough, and being able to skip a workout or too if I was just too tired or had too many other things going on.

This week begins the workout plan. I’ve got 3 months until a half-marathon. I am feeling ready to go and ready to train. I got in two great runs this past weekend. I have been doing a much better job at staying steady on longer runs, and working harder on my tempo runs. Also, something that has really been helping is being sure to run when I have time. When I try to fit working out in between other activities, the feeling of being rushed stresses me out and I don’t really enjoy the workout much, if at all.

This week will be a challenge as it is the first week in the training plan I am following, so it is has a few days of cross training. I like to get hard workouts in as much as possible, and need to work on realizing that switching workouts actually is helpful and makes you stronger.

If you have been thinking about doing a race, and want to join me, starting this week, here’s the plan for this week:

Monday: cross-training
Tuesday: 2 miles, 5-7X1:00 intervals, 2 miles
Wednesday: cross-training
Thursday: 4 miles, 4 pickups
Friday: cross-training
Saturday: 3-4 miles
Sunday: 6-7 miles

Now that my schedule has changed yet again, I am sure that I will hit a few roadblocks that will challenge me as I figure out when to fit a workout in…but hey, it is nothing I can’t work with! There are a ton of exciting things happening in the next few months, and running and getting ready for the June half-marathon is just one of them.

April 5 – it’s time to get motivated…and stay committed! Who’s with me?!

Time for bed…long day ahead tomorrow, and of course there is a cross-training workout to fit in 🙂

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hello there, friends

I know…I said I would have a post ready for Sunday…and here it is, Tuesday, and you are probably asking why I did not post on Sunday.

Well, I am going to be honest with you…because this blog is about being honest and keeping me in check with my training. And I have a lot to be ashamed of in the world of running from this past week. The truth is…

I only ran one day last week.


Ugh! It irritates me to even say it. But, as you know if you know me well enough (or even not very well at all), I tend to find the silver lining in most everything. It’s not like I really have to find the silver lining in this one…after all, I did it to myself. But, I went ahead and found it anyway.

I have had a lot on my plate lately and I have been exhausted, even without adding running into the mix. Now that things have changed again in my world as far as work, school, life, location, etc., I finally feel like I am getting settled into a groove…well, as much of a groove as I can get into anyway. I am learning to juggle everything, prioritizing and deciding what things I really need to be doing everyday, what I can be putting off, what I can do a little bit at a time, and all that good stuff. Part of this is because I want time to relax…and a huge part of is that I greatly dislike that I am always having to check my calendar.

I can’t just make plans with a friend, because I have to check my calendar. People laugh at me when I say it, but it’s true…I have so many things going on, and since I am forgetful as it is, I have to put everything in my calendar. If I don’t check it, I will overbook myself (I have had tendencies to do this) and then I have to figure out what I can cancel or push back or do earlier…what a pain! And, it is even more of a pain if the event I have to change involves another person, because then I am not only changing my schedule but I am asking someone else to change his/her schedule too. I digress…back to running and the bad runner that I have been lately.

So, I have not been running and the worst part of it is that I feel less than stellar. I feel so good on days when I get in a good workout and eat well. So why haven’t I kept this in my routine anyway? Well, for me…it is not just about find a few extra minutes in the day to workout. I want to give it my all…I need 30 minutes at the very minimum for a workout, not to mention time to shower post-workout. And 30 minutes is just for a quick day…

When I started this blog, I said “no excuses”…I must workout. And, now it sounds like I am making all of the excuses in the world. But you know the best thing about making plans? The best thing is that you are allowed to change them, they are flexible, and if you do not allow your plans to be flexible you will surely drive yourself crazy. So, I have allowed myself some wiggle room while it is still available.

Come April 5, I will not have as much wiggle room. On April 5, it is time to go big or go home. I have a half-marathon to run at at the end of June. There’s no stopping me from doing it. It is okay that I have taken this week off and have gotten things in order. I have been able to get my act together in other areas of life, so that next week, when it is go time I can worry about keeping my running on track…and not have to worry about getting all of the other life stuff on track…I’ve already done it!

So, still…no excuses.

I still have it in me…and I’m still ready. There’s a half-marathon waiting for me in June and that’s my first big stepping stone on the way to the full marathon waiting for me in October.

Let’s do this!

Anyone else facing any workout challenges? Feel free to share them and how you get through them and work your way past them.


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