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running, social media, and a personal trainer

I realize I haven’t been blogging everyday, as I originally said I was going to do. To be honest, I said that because I thought it would be the best way for me to hold myself accountable for actually doing my workouts. I needed that at first. Now that I am getting into a good groove, I’m still getting the workouts in, but my days have been filling up with many more things to do, and I’m finding less and less time to sit down at the computer (especially for personal time). I will definitely be posting at least twice a week, will aim to post more than that, and will do everything I can to keep this entertaining, motivational, and a place for everyone to learn, laugh (at me), and share experiences!

I mentioned in my last post that I joined Life Time and have been very unsure about it. All of the amenities, the monthly fee, and the fact that I thought I wasn’t going to have to pay some upfront administration fee and then got charged. Well…for those of you who may have noticed on twitter, I had a brief back-and-forth with @lifetimefitness which resulted in an e-mail with a community manager at Life Time corporate offices. I let him know that I had quite a bad taste in my mouth and that had much to do with the fact that I was thinking about leaving (this is in fact, 100% truthful). I am not one to waste my time (or other people’s, for that matter) just trying to save a dime–I sincerely felt lied to, and this is what gave me the most negative feelings about joining a gym (something I am usually against anyway). Rob, the community manager over at Life Time responded promptly both to my tweets and to my e-mails. Seeing that I am a marketing/social media person myself, of course I was certainly impressed with this; but, even more than that I was so impressed with this in the sense of customer service, the promptness, professionalism, and willingness to come to a mutually beneficial resolution. Rob and I came to a resolution and I have agreed to give Life Time a second chance (everyone deserves a second chance if they’re willing to try too, right?!).

So, that being said I had my Fit Test scheduled for this evening with a personal trainer. I was planning on canceling, but I decided to give it a shot. I headed over to Life Time and met with Josh, the personal trainer I’ll be working with this month. He went through my Fit Test with me, to measure my BMI, VO2, bicep strength, flexibility, body composition, overall fitness, and my body age. He explained everything, was very thorough, and made some great recommendations. I have some LTBucks (this is Life Time currency/gift certificates) to use, and I will be using them on a couple more training sessions with Josh. We’ll see how those go, then we will take it from there. I’m really looking forward to working with him, hopefully for more than just a couple session – who knows?

We talked a lot about my marathon training and strength training. Like I have mentioned here before, I really want to work on my core and my muscles strength as I know that will be beneficial to my running as well. What always ends up happening when I start strength training is I stop because I reach a point where I get disinterested, I find a machine I don’t know how to use and don’t know who to ask, or some other lame excuse like that gets in my way. Not this time! This is what Josh and I will focus on for my sessions, and he even made it clear that the trainers are always willing to help with any questions members have while in the gym. If you have a question, don’t know how to use a machine, or whatever it may be, the trainers are there to help–they are not only there to help their personal clients.

After completing my Fit Test and discussing my goals with Josh, I went for a run on the treadmill. I ran a 5K, and felt great. I know it seems like I haven’t been making much progress, and it might even seem that I have almost gone backwards a bit. The thing is that I have to admit that my cross-country road trip really threw me off schedule, which really ended up throwing my workout routine for a curve ball too.

I have been getting better and better with my eating as the weeks go on though. I have also noticed that the better I eat, and the more water I drink, the better I feel and the more excited and motivated I am to go workout when I know I need to. It’s amazing how the body works! Something is always much easier to use and understand when you know how it actually functions–so go figure that if you take the time to figure out and learn about how your body truly works, it will be easier to use it and understand how to take better care of it!

This month’s goals:

  • make the most of personal training sessions
  • continue to eat well
  • drink lots of water
  • sleep
  • make progress in strength training
  • take at least one class each week

Fit Test…success.

P.S. My body age is…23…I’m right on par. Sure, I could be younger but at least I’m not older!


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in the gym, patella tendonitis, and healthy eating

I was really looking forward to working out this morning. Since I’m surrounded by huge hills (and don’t know my way around the neighborhood too well) I decided to workout in the my friend’s gym at her apartment complex. The gym has really nice cardio machines, a great wooden floor space (where they sometimes hold classes), weight machines, and free weights.

This morning I knew I absolutely needed to get a workout in. Although I am on vacation and it is a little bit more difficult to fit a workout in, the motivation is still there, and if I have the means and the time I want to fit it in. Well, that was this morning! I headed down to the fitness center, already somewhat sore thanks to my patella tendonitis acting up in my right knee lately. I stretched and decided to try out the treadmill. I hopped on, and did a walk/run mix 5K.

Knowing that my patella tendonitis is acting up, I need to focus on strengthening my knees like I keep mentioning. Of course, I also want to keep up my running to maintain a good enough level of cardio. So, after a less than stellar 5K (but hey, I got it in!), I did some balancing exercises using my legs and some free weights. I also stretched out a lot post-workout to be sure that my muscles don’t stay tight all day.

We are going to be doing a bit of walking today too, so if I didn’t stretch after my workout I knew I would be in for it!

Also, after mentioning yesterday how I need to get on my healthy eating habit more consistently I was thinking about it and I suppose I haven’t been doing too well the past few weeks. I can really tell a difference while I am working out, so thank you Lent for presenting yourself to me at a most opportune time (haha)!

This year for Lent I will skip the junk food for snacks, have only one coffee per day at most, skip the wine/beer/cocktail at dinner (only one per week – and this is not a way to get around it…it is because I like red wine and I believe that a glass a day is good for you, so one per week is fine…further, I’m not worried about my alcohol intake for any reason other than the healthy eating thing).

So all in all, things have been going decently. All it takes is thinking. Once you start doing things consciously, you realize what you need, what you can skip, what you can accomplish, and you understand what your body needs to make you feel your best.

Here’s to being healthy!

Today’s workout, taking care of my knee, and eating healthy…success!


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Running Calendar: ready for the next eight months

Two things you know about me already: I love running and I love writing. One more thing I love is iCal on my Mac.

I have a specific calendar category dedicated to running, and it is officially all filled out until Sunday, October 17. For the rest of February and all of March, it is all about continuing to build the base I have started and work on my core (as I have mentioned in previous posts).

The great thing once March comes is that I will have a pseudo-coach working with me: her name is Mom. I think my mom is just as excited about the marathon as I am, and she is ready to take on my workouts with me. While her knees and her feet certainly not going to allow her to the running with me, she is going to ride her bike or come to the track me, etc. Maybe I’ll even get her on board with my healthy eating and she’ll become healthy cooking chef (haha!) so she can cook some good power meals for me!

I am officially powered up for the next eight months, at least in iCal. With my light teal color chosen to label my workout for each day, there is something for each day. Yes, I have even labeled my rest days because those are just as important as the workout days.

Now that I have the workouts in place, my next big goal is to take a look at what my staple foods will be. I’m excited for this part because this won’t be something that will be a change just for training, but it is something I hope to maintain well after I have completed the marathon. I already eat fairly healthy and am conscious of what I am eating, so as to eat for energy and for sustenance, but I know I have a long way to go with getting there 100%. I’m working on it though. I will be happy to share with you any foods that I find key in my diet. Already, I know that one of them is peanut butter…a good dose of protein. I love my toast or english muffin with peanut butter for a good morning pre-workout bite.

I’ve got my workouts in place, my pseudo-coach ready to go, and I’m on my way to getting my diet streamlined…looks like I am well on my way.

Let’s keep this going.

The Detroit Free Press Marathon is exactly eight months from today…let’s do it!


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goal: 5 miles on the treadmill…accomplishment: 6.5 miles on the treadmill…get it!

I chose to do a treadmill workout tonight because I wanted to work on some pacing and posture. As much as I hate the treadmill, I love using it as tool for working on my pace. After dinner (I made some delicious fatayers), I relaxed a bit and hydrated so I’d be ready to go for a late night treadmill run. Finally, when 9pm hit I knew I had to go workout or else I wouldn’t do it, and not working out was not an option for me today. Remember what I said when I started this blog? No excuses!

Like I mentioned yesterday, I registered for a 10K this coming Sunday so this week is crucial in making sure that I can finish the race strong. I set the treadmill and off I went. I hit 5K right around 29 minutes, which was a bit slower than I would have liked, but it was sub-30 so I’m okay with it. My goal when I got on the treadmill was 5 miles, but as I kept going I knew if I could hit 6.5 miles tonight then I could surely finish 10K (6.2 miles) on Sunday. I worked on my pacing and gradually increased my speed, and I finished 6.5 miles in 59 minutes. Look at that! I set a goal, I pushed the limit, and boom…accomplishment! What a good feeling.

I cooled down and did a lot of stretching. Here am I now after a cold shower, icing. The more I run, the more I remember how truly important post-run stretching and ice is on a regular basis. I am certainly going to keep it up, because I certainly do not want tight muscles, or any injury for that matter. I need to take care of my feet too…starting to get a few blisters. Hate ’em, but they’re an inevitable part of running so I suppose I will have to live with them and just take care of my feet for the next nine months. You can bet I’m already planning a pedicure at the end of October!

Also, since I’ve been doing my best to eat foods that give me fuel and energy, and replenish the vitamins and nutrients my body needs and uses in workouts, I’ve been feeling much better. Everything I ate yesterday was not the best food, and I could tell quite a difference. The more I work on my eating habits and more I learn about what different foods provide, the more enjoyable healthy eating actually is for me, and the better I feel!

Four days left until the 10K. Tomorrow, I hope to get an interval workout in. Thursday will be a 5-mile run. Friday will be repeats. Saturday will be a rest day, prior to the Super Bowl Sunday morning race.

Keep up the good work everyone…let’s do this!

Tuesday treadmill workout…success.


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