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i will carry my inspiration in my hand tomorrow…

i’ve got my motivation ready…my list of inspiration will be in my hand the whole time 🙂 thank you, everyone, for your support. see you at the finish line!


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miles of dedication. nine left…is one for you?

Well, it’s upon me. I never thought it would come this quickly, but I’m glad it’s here. In fact, I’m excited…in a way I don’t think I’ve ever experienced before. It’s a feeling I can’t describe, but it’s great.

Ok, so what’s upon me you’re wondering (since clearly the marathon isn’t upon me just quite yet). October is upon me! The month of October is here…which means the marathon is closer than ever. While it is a somewhat intimidating thing that I only have 16 days left until the big race, it is also extremely exciting.

In just 16 days, I will run through the streets of Detroit…I will run across an international border (twice)…I will do something I have wanted to do for a long time and I will do it in a city I love…I will feel anxiety before the sun rises…I will likely feel my anxiety disappear as I enter the first mile (the mile being run for my mom)…I will do my best to pace myself…I will remember my training and get myself through all 26.2 miles (the last mile being run for my dad and the last two-tenths of a mile being run for me)…I will cross the finish line…I will finish a marathon! (I just got chill writing those last two “I will…” phrases :-D)

Man…I can’t wait…

I can’t wait to run those miles…to finish those miles…for each of you who have been reading my blog; who have been supporting me; who have told me I have inspired you (still, the number of responses of this nature that I have received boggle my mind and put a smile on my face); who inspire me (thanks, Christina); who have rollerbladed and/or biked alongside me (thanks Kay-Kay, Amanda, & Adam); who have run with me (thanks, Chris, Jeremy, Kelly B., Amy, Ang, & Kelly T….and anyone else I may have missed); and who have encouraged and motivated me.


But, I have to and I will…my patience is in full force. There are still 16 days of training, tapering, rest, carbs, and electrolytes before the big day. These days are big ones and they remind me that I can wait…because I need these days and I need to take full advantage of my workouts and cross-training and rest during these days.

I can wait…

I can wait, while being anxious and excited, and ready to do this!

It’s going to be good, my friends. SO good.

Those miles…

And, during each and everyone of those miles I’ll be thinking of you…I’ll be running for you. My miles are dedicated to you. And, there are still 9 miles left to dedicate…is one of them for you? I would love to dedicate one of those 9 miles to you…leave a comment on this post, and pick a mile number that’s still left (the miles are listed over on the right sidebar of this blog).

So here we are…October is here. Race day is almost here.
9 months of training…success.
9 miles left to dedicate…let’s do this.


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double digits

Well, I have been away…as I am sure some of you have noticed. However, I promise my temporary hiatus has not been due to the fact that I have not been running. Nor is it due to the fact that I have not had computer/internet access. It is simply because I have been overwhelmed and beyond busy, and in the midst of it all I have been struggling to find a way to relax, de-stress, and keep myself sane. In doing this, I have allowed myself to push less pressing things to the back burner and allow time for things that allow me to “turn if off” for awhile. Unfortunately I have been busy to the point where I have not had much time to “turn it off,” but at least I have been able to set some enjoyable things (i.e., writing in this blog) aside and not let allow them to become additional stressors.

It is difficult enough for me to make time to run, and making time to blog about it is even more difficult (although I do love this blog). I have to be wise, and pick and choose what I truly need to make happen each day. For training, it is much more important to get runs in than it is to maintain this blog — sure, I want to chronicle my adventures but those 26.2 miles certainly will not run themselves nor will I dominate them by way of making blog posts more important that training runs.

Anyway, enough about that. I will continue to update this as often as I can as my mileage increases and I continue to struggle to fit runs in whenever and wherever.

Tuesdays and Thursdays have been late night runs over the past few weeks. Amy and I run like the wind, solve world issues, and define the meaning of life on Tuesday and Thursday nights. It’s true…we’re superhuman.

The weekends have been for long runs, and the runs keep getting longer…which brings me to…drum roll, please…the title of this post. DOUBLE DIGITS! This weekend, I hit my first double digit training run. 10 miles. Middle of the afternoon. 10 long miles.

This is the farthest I have gone during my training, and let me tell you…there were certainly a few times where I just wanted to stop, but I didn’t. This past weekend’s 10-mile run was the most motivating, inspiring, challenging, discouraging run I have had thus far during my training process.

That being said, it was more motivating than anything else — now that I know that I can go 10 miles and train hard enough to make it this far, I know I can push myself to go all the way. Like I always say, those 26.2 miles won’t run themselves!

So…the training continues…and the long runs will remain in the double digits, and continue inching up in distance. This week it’s about staying strong and motivated, with some midweek quick and fast training, and I am feeling confident that this week is gong to be a good training week. I’m ready and looking forward to the  nature trail that awaits me for an early morning 12-miler this weekend.

What’s in store for your training this week? How are your runs going? Have you registered for your big race yet?

There’s still time…keep up the training and we’ll keep each other going.

First double-digit mileage run…success!


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an open letter to my friends & family

Dear Friends & Family:

For those of you who have been keeping up with my journey to 26.2 thus far, you are already well aware of the fact that I have decided to make running a priority in 2010. For those of you who have not been keeping up with my journey thus far, now you are aware.

This coming week is the first week of my strictly scheduled training plan, and by June 30 I will be officially registered for the Detroit Marathon. That means this upcoming week is also the first week of moving running up yet another notch on my priority list.

I wanted to take the time sit down and write to you because there a few important things I think you should know about my goal to make running a priority in 2010. This does not mean I do not value you or the time we spend together; and, further it does not mean that I do not want to spend time with you. It does, however, mean that there may be times when I have to say no to certain things or may have to be the oddball when making plans because I need to be sure to fit my runs in. It means that my reason for not being able to do something at a certain time will sometimes be because I will be running during that time. Please understand that I will still make every effort to see you as often as possible and will do my absolute best to not let running interfere more than necessary.

But, also understand that running and training for this marathon is extremely important to me.

For a few years now, I have been wanting to run a marathon — particularly, I have been itching to run and finish the Detroit Marathon. Halted twice by foot surgeries, I now have nothing to stop me and I am going to run all 26.2 of those miles. In exactly four months from today, on Sunday, October 17, 2010, I will run and finish the Detroit Marathon.

I hope that you can join me downtown for this fantastic event and greet me at the start, finish, or one of the mile markers in between. In the mean time, all I ask for is your support, encouragement, and understanding.

Look out, Detroit…I’m going to finish!


P.S. I would love to have any of you join me for any of my training runs, or for the marathon itself, so don’t hesitate to give me a call!


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Getting Back On Track

I love change. I think it is completely necessary in accomplishing goals, innovating, and ultimately a key to greatness. The one bad thing about major life changes though? Getting off schedule…having no routine…feeling dizzy and off balance (so to speak) all the time. As you may guess, that has been me lately. Amidst moving, driving across the country, starting a new job, applying for scholarships (for grad school that starts in the fall), I have twenty million things going on at once, not to mention the main purpose of this blog, training for a marathon!

Well, now that I am just about settled in in my new location I can get back on track with working out again. Woohoo!

I just signed up for a free trial membership at Lifetime Fitness, so I’m going to check it out and see if I like it. The location is great for me while I am living where I am right now. If I move once school starts though (which is pretty likely), the available locations won’t be as great so I’ll have to see what the minimum amount of time is that I can sign up for a membership if I end up liking it. There are plenty of gyms though, so I’m not worried about finding a place to workout for the too-cold days, the too-humid days, and the cross-training/strength training days.

Since I start work on Monday, my goal while getting back into a routine is to workout where I can fit it in which will probably be at night. I will have a one -hour commute to work, so I’m going to try the evening workout thing at first. Eventually, I might try to get ambitious and workout in the morning, before work. No need to get to ambitious right now though. I don’t want to be defeated by setting goals that I already know are unrealistic.

I have a full month to make sure the base I have been working on is solid, before getting into full training mode. The break I was somewhat forced to take on my recent road trip across the U.S. actually helped motivate me even further. I was going crazy not being able to workout everyday. Also, I have had multiple people tell me how much they are enjoying this blog, and I have learned that I have even motivated a few people to start working out, or start working toward a goal they have had for quite some time.

More than anything, I love that this has inspired others to take action. The more I talk to people and the more feedback I get, the more excited I continue to get about my training. I have to admit that the snow outside isn’t as motivating as the sunshine and the beach, but I love the snow so I’m okay with taking my workouts inside for a few weeks. I wouldn’t have it any other way. People are better motivation than weather, anyway.

So…for all of you Michigan people who have been working out, or want to start working out, what better way than making each other accountable for what we do? We can workout together, we can communicate via this blog, or we can even get together for coffee/dinner/whatever and chat about what is working and what we need help with. I prefer not to post publicly where I will be, etc., since this blog is public; however, feel free to leave a comment if you want to join in on the fun and we can figure out good times to get together. It doesn’t matter if we workout together once a month, once a week, or we grab a drink every now and then–we’ll do whatever we have time for whenever we have time available. After all, we’re all in this together, to keep everyone motivated. I’m writing to keep myself motivated and accountable, and the feedback I have received has motivated me even more. Some of you have even started your own blogs to keep yourself accountable (yay!), so let’s keep it up. I’m mentally ready for Sunday, October 17…and soon I’ll be physically ready!

Are you ready?

Oh, that reminds me! For those of you who aren’t as crazy as I am, remember that there are options other than a full marathon on Sunday, October 17. If you’re interested in being down there for the excitement and still want to show off your accomplishments, remember there are multiple races you can register for at the Detroit Free Press Marathon web site. You’ll find them all at the web site, but for your convenience the races include:

  • Marathon (26.2 miles)
  • Marathon for wheelers and hand cyclists with disabilities (26.2 miles)
  • Half-marathon (13.1 miles)
  • Half-marathon competitive and non-competitive walks (13.1 miles)
  • Five-person team relays – distances from 3-7 miles (26.2 miles)
  • 5K Fun Run and Fitness Walk (3.1 miles)
  • For those of you who want to bring the kids, there is a Kids’ 5K Fun Run (3.1 miles)

Well, it is time to get all of my information in for my free trial at Lifetime. I’ll let you know how I like it.

Taking steps to get back on track…success!


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26 people, 26 miles of inspiration

The other day, I mentioned that while running I have been finding inspiration and a few ideas of topics for future posts have come to me. Today, I write about one of those things that came to me while running in the 10K this past Sunday.

As I took off across the start line, I was full of adrenaline. In fact, it was pretty easy to keep going on adrenaline for the whole race since the distance was a relatively short one. However, as I was running I noticed the people who were on the side watching, looking for people in the race and watching all of the runners. The enthusiasm shown by some of the people watching was lacking in…well, enthusiasm. Maybe I just ran by some of them while they were waiting and they didn’t see the person they were there to cheer for…who knows? I’m not one to judge, but it did make me think.

I remember the days of high school cross country. During races (and even during practices) everyone watching was cheering and the cheering was loud and plentiful. They cheered for the people they knew, for the people on the team they knew, and even for people they didn’t know. There was enthusiasm and inspiration heard all the way through the race, from start to finish; and, even after the finish. And, let me tell you that cheering did not go unnoticed by the racers. It kept us going, it helped us push through pain, and it helped us did deep and kick it in at the end.

There is nothing like hearing your name, or just hearing a simple “keep it up!” when all you feel like doing is stopping and sitting down, when you need just a little nudge to keep it going and to help you find that extra push to hang in there until the end.

And who better to cheer for you than people you want to share the race experience with?

That is why from now until October, or until I find 26 people (whichever comes first), I am extending an invitation to come with me to the Detroit marathon. Whether you want to run with me (we’ll keep each other going strong the whole way) or watch on the side (hopefully with some words of encouragement and inspiration), I am asking for your help. I need a Team Sara–I need you for more than just the cheering. I want to you join me in this adventure for the next nine months, at the marathon, at the races leading up to the marathon, for fun times to celebrate a good week or month of training, and to have a good time on this journey to 26.2.

While most of all, your help will be a great necessity at the race with cheers, being there to exchange my empty water bottle for a the full one you’re holding for me, to take the long sleeve from me I just took off, to hand me Gu, etc., your encouragement at various other points throughout the training process will be just as important.

26.2 miles…26 people…and that means 26 blog posts that I already know have topics, because along the way one post will be dedicated to each person.

So, who’s coming with me to Detroit? (Oh, and if a cool t-shirt is any incentive…I’m just sayin’ there will be t-shirts 😉 )

If you would like to be one of my “mile markers,” let me know. We’ll have fun, and I can’t wait to gather a team of cheerleaders. Call it needy if you like, but I call it necessary cheering and boosts of adrenaline throughout the race. Encouragement and inspiration during a race to give you a little extra kick are just as essential as water and nutrients. Let’s do this!

Thanks in advance…looking forward to having fun with you for the next nine months!


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