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worst long run of my training.

yesterday was the worst long run of my training i have had. this one was worse that the hot, humid day spent in the state park with katy, while she was rollerblading alongside me. at least i had someone with me that day. yesterday, it was me, the hot air, the wide open road, the sun, a whole lot of sweat, and heavy legs.

i was meeting two friends for lunch, so i decided hey i don’t need to eat with them — i will fuel up for a run prior to meeting them, run the 5-ish miles to meet them, then enjoy their company and catch up, then run back. perfect long run with a break in the middle. sounds ideal, right? well, as i already mentioned…yesterday was the worst long run of my training so far…so it actually wasn’t so ideal. (not to mention…we actually got mixed up and met at two different locations…so i called them after waiting for 20 minutes or so to ask where they were. they were at a different location. slight misunderstanding, but they ended up coming to me after finding out that i was car-less since i had run up to meet them. one more thing to make this run go less than stellar.)

oh, and by the way…while i was waiting…i snapped a nice photo of my lovely hydration containers đŸ˜‰

after catching up and what not, i debated getting a ride home since i was already well aware of the less than stellar running conditions. after an internal debate, i decided i wouldn’t want to finish my run later that night and that getting it done now would be better. i finished, but i’m not so sure it was necessarily “better.”

i did take a different route home though and it was much prettier for much of the run. i even snapped a few pictures during the time my body said “must…walk…now…” to break up the run a bit.

now, does it surprise me that as a follow up to the worst long of my training so far that i have lost most of one of my toenails and another toenail is completely jacked up? no, of course it doesn’t surprise me…because that’s just how it would go.

well…next time i have a brilliant idea to do any type of running in the heat of the day, i will remember yesterday. then, i will reevaluate and do that run at a different time.

reaching the worst long run of my training…success. (hey, a success is a success, right?!)



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an open letter to my friends & family

Dear Friends & Family:

For those of you who have been keeping up with my journey to 26.2 thus far, you are already well aware of the fact that I have decided to make running a priority in 2010. For those of you who have not been keeping up with my journey thus far, now you are aware.

This coming week is the first week of my strictly scheduled training plan, and by June 30 I will be officially registered for the Detroit Marathon. That means this upcoming week is also the first week of moving running up yet another notch on my priority list.

I wanted to take the time sit down and write to you because there a few important things I think you should know about my goal to make running a priority in 2010. This does not mean I do not value you or the time we spend together; and, further it does not mean that I do not want to spend time with you. It does, however, mean that there may be times when I have to say no to certain things or may have to be the oddball when making plans because I need to be sure to fit my runs in. It means that my reason for not being able to do something at a certain time will sometimes be because I will be running during that time. Please understand that I will still make every effort to see you as often as possible and will do my absolute best to not let running interfere more than necessary.

But, also understand that running and training for this marathon is extremely important to me.

For a few years now, I have been wanting to run a marathon — particularly, I have been itching to run and finish the Detroit Marathon. Halted twice by foot surgeries, I now have nothing to stop me and I am going to run all 26.2 of those miles. In exactly four months from today, on Sunday, October 17, 2010, I will run and finish the Detroit Marathon.

I hope that you can join me downtown for this fantastic event and greet me at the start, finish, or one of the mile markers in between. In the mean time, all I ask for is your support, encouragement, and understanding.

Look out, Detroit…I’m going to finish!


P.S. I would love to have any of you join me for any of my training runs, or for the marathon itself, so don’t hesitate to give me a call!


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weekend recap

Well, weekends usually bring long runs but after a few longer runs this past week I needed to work on my body, stretching, and allowing my body to recover correctly so longer runs weren’t the case for me yesterday and today.

After a fabulous time on Friday night at a wrap party in Hollywood (I know, I’m so fancy…right?! LOL), my friends and I knew I would not be waking up for the weekly Saturday morning run at 8:30am. However, at 6:30am on Saturday morning I popped up without an alarm and even though I was still a little tired I was determined to stay awake, get ready, and head out for the morning run with the group.

Sure enough, I had some breakfast and headed out to meet with everyone. A beautiful Saturday morning down at the beach and we tackled a great run. I fit in a 4.5 miles and felt great, and stretched out for a little while after the run.

We went out to dinner last night, and I tried to keep it healthy yet delicious at the same time. I succeeded for the most part, with an entree of sesame-crusted seared ahi tuna, sweet potato fries, and grilled zucchini. The martini I had was even acai berry (is acai berry still good for you if it is in a cocktail?!). That was all fine and dandy…then Jeremy decided we needed gelato for dessert. It was delicious, and everyone needs sweets every now and then. I had a small (they let me have 3 flavors!) with roasted banana flavor, extra dark chocolate flavor, and cinnamon flavor. Mmm mmm, good.

It was apparent everyone was exhausted when afterward we planned on going out, but then we ended up at my apartment just hanging out. We called it a night and I went to bed as soon as everyone went home, expecting that I would get a lot of rest and wake up early for a Sunday morning run.

I certainly did get a lot of rest and did wake up early, but a Sunday morning run just was not in the works for me. Instead, I headed out for breakfast and some errands with Chris and Kelly. I did wear workout apparel though so that I was sure to get a workout in later.

I did a long stretching session this afternoon, so I am waiting to get a good workout in tonight. It’s not good to workout after stretching out too much–the long stretches should come in post-workout or during a stretch-only time. I have found that works out best for me.

Tonight I will get in a 1.5-mile run and some strength training. I’m looking forward to a shorter run to work on a quicker pace, and this will then help me with increasing my pace on longer runs as well. I’ll also be able to work on my breathing, so if I can get some better breathing going during the quick-pace, shorter workouts I should be able to easily transfer that to longer workouts as well.

Good weekend workouts to end the month just the right way! January has been a success in kicking off the 10-month training process to successfully make it to 26.2 in October, with a gradual mileage increase, solid strength training routine, and enough stretching to keep the muscles in good condition.

Looking forward to another fantastic month in February, full of its own challenges and experiences. Hopefully by the end of February I will have mastered consistent breathing techniques and will maintain motivation.

What are your exercise goals for the February?

Weekend workouts…success.

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fit it in…regardless of how much time you have…

One thing you must remember when you’re working to get better and working toward building up your mileage is to fit that workout in, no matter how much time you have. If you only have 20 minutes to workout, use it. No, it might not be ideal if you really wanted to get an hour workout in that day…but that doesn’t mean you should skip. You’ll feel worse about yourself if you skip a workout all together, rather than having to cut it short due to a time crunch. It’s not the end of the world if you had more pressing things to take care of all day…just don’t make a habit of shortening those workouts.

Today’s workout for me was a quick warmup on the elliptical, followed by a run on the treadmill. It did clear up out here and it is starting to look like SoCal again…sun shining, crisp ocean air (at least where I am)…so I’m looking forward to getting a few good outdoor runs in this week!

Hope everyone’s weekend is going well…and for my fellow warriors, keep it up!

I leave you with this short post, as I must be on my way…it’s time to head for dinner followed by Pee Wee Herman Live!


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getting used to that 60 minute mark…so i can pass it later…

Like I mentioned the other day, I am trying to work on getting used to being on my feet for a long period of time in preparation for the marathon. This, combined with using every muscle in my body to get stronger, will be one of the greatest challenges.

As I did a workout today in the cardio center today (once again, TONS of rain and wind in LA…as in downpours, not good running rain) I took note of a few things (other than the dog running on the treadmill next to me–more to come on that in  moment) that I have been noticing as I embark on my training plan. A few major things I noticed that I must work on are my breathing patterns, my leg muscles, my knees, and my hip flexors.

None of this comes as a major surprise to me, especially the knees. For those of you who know me, you likely know that I have been through physical therapy and have struggled with weak knees in the past. Well, thank goodness I learned how to take care of my knees through all of that physical therapy I went through. I will certainly be working on some strengthening exercise to strengthen my knees and the surrounding muscles, especially my quads which will help my knee strength as well.

Breathing patterns are one of my biggest weaknesses and I need to really work on figuring all of that out.

Other than that, I am focusing on amount of time spent working out rather than mileage right now. Mileage will come after I get myself going, into good patterns, and can endure. Right now, I am working with a solid 60-minute time that I would like to continue use as a marker. I will continue with that mark, and I will eventually be comfortable with it and will push past it, no doubt.

So now that business has been taken care of…the dog on the treadmill. This is a true story, and just proof that I truly need to have some type of camera on me at all times. I walk down to the cardio center today and sure enough, some chic is walking her dog on the treadmill! It is one thing to walk your dog on your own treadmill but really, do you need to walk your dog on in public workout room? Ugh! Luckily, she wasn’t there for much longer after I got there. Weird…but whatever…to each his own, right?

Today’s workout: 45 minutes on the treadmill–combo of running and speed-walking on an incline, and 15 minutes on the bike.
Total mileage covered: about 7.5 miles

Off to shower and get ready…I’m going to see one of my favorite bands, Rocco DeLuca & The Burden, tonight!

Cardio center…success.

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day four

Goal: easy 3-4 miles
Accomplishment: easy 4 miles
Terrain: cement
How I Felt: good, comfortable, motivated, slightly dehydrated

Once again I have to head out for an all-day event today, so the best time to get my run in was the morning. And, let’s be honest for a moment here…the best time to get a run in any day is usually the morning anyway…it feels so great to start your day off like that.

Today’s goal in the training plan was an easy 3-4 miles, and I knew I could hit the high end of that at 4 miles. I ran the opposite direction from what I have gone the past few days since it is nice to change it up every now and then. I ran past Emerald St., Garnet St., Pearl St., Ruby St., Sapphire St., Topaz St…past Knob Hill Ave. (yes, the beautiful gem names stopped)…and finally I hit Ave. A which was my halfway point. I was feeling decent at this 2-mile mark, especially considering that from about minute 11 to minute 15 (or so) was a gradual uphill experience. Anyway, at Ave. A, I turned around and headed back the 2 miles I had just run and I ran it on the opposite side of the street (once again, it’s nice to change up the view). The temperature wasn’t too hot or too cold–capris and a tank today. I forgot how nice it is to wear some nice athletic capris, where the fabric really helps to regulate your body temperature and wick away moisture.

Today’s playlist was great–birds, cars, people passing, bikers, other runners, all the lovely sounds of a beautiful morning. The more I run without my iPod, the more I realize how much I enjoy running just me, the open road, and everything around me. It helps me breathe a little easier, keep pace a little better, and de-stress a little more. There will certainly be days when I will still take my iPod (I take the Shuffle on runs…I bought it a couple years back for the sole purpose of using it during workouts) with me when I’m in the mood for some good tunes to keep me company, but I love that I have been able to break through the wall of running without music.

Well, I got back home…said ‘hello’ to the maintenance men as they were arriving to work for the day…and when I reached my apartment, I got in my post-run stretching followed up with a cinnamon raisin bagel, orange juice, and water.

I wanted to blog this morning for you to enjoy today, and now here I am with just one hour left before having to head out for the day. I better get a move on and get in the shower…the clock’s a-tickin’!

Day four…success.

Happy Running!

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day three

I woke up today to sound of rain–a sound that has become quite unfamiliar to me since living on the left coast. This is only about the third time we have had rain since I have lived here…and every time, it is a novelty for me. I was looking forward to rolling out of bed and going for a run in the rain. Before forcing myself out of bed though, I reached for my Blackberry and was pleasantly surprised to see a comment from Amy, my running buddy from high school cross country. Man oh man, the fun and mischievous times we had–thanks for reading, Amy…I’m looking forward to getting in some good runs with you! I was also thrilled to see message in my inbox from another running partner, Angela, filled with encouragement and an invite to run together as well as with her running group–thanks Ang, can’t wait to join you for some runs!

Now, by the time I finished checking my mail on my two Blackberrys (Yes, two of them…one mine, one for work…ridiculous, I know, you don’t have to tell me. The work one doesn’t get texting though, hence never converting to just one.) and forced myself to finally roll out of bed, the rain had stopped. That was probably for the better though because by the time I convinced myself to go for a morning run (rather than waiting until I got home from a long day of event set-up at work), the sun had slightly started to fight it’s way through the clouds and the ground had started to dry which meant fewer puddles.

I pulled my hair back, put on shorts and a tank top, and laced up my running shoes. Before leaving, I double-checked the training plan and today’s direction was to run an easy 2-3 miles. Since I had just two hours to run, eat breakfast, shower, and make it to my supervisor’s house to pick her up to go to our event set-up, I had to be on my way and be diligent about the run while keeping in mind that this was an easy 2-3 miles I should be running.

Off I went, with the intention of running on the treadmill in the cardio center. Unfortunately, the two treadmills were being used, so after a quick ‘hello’ to the maintenance men who were just starting the day’s work, I headed to the path along the beach. Off I went, past the nice men down the street who work on projects in their garage almost on a daily basis, and shortly thereafter I hit the path along beach. Off I went, iPod in hand and Kings of Leon streaming through my earbuds. I got into a good groove, and I kept it going. I did start to get slightly tired mid-run but assured myself that I could keep this up–after all, every year on the first day of high school track season when we were all out of shape and the cold of a Michigan March stung, we ran 3 miles…all of us, sprinters, mid-distancers, and long-distancers…and we made it. No excuse now.

Finally, I was slowly approaching 24th St., which was yesterday’s turnaround point. I knew I could make it to 25th (which actually meant 26th in the back of mind), so I continued. At 26th St., I was feeling good but remembered not to push it – not to mention there was a slight schedule I was on – so I turned around, and also changed my iPod to the Genius Mix of “Teen Pop” which included just enough pick-me-up beats to get me through the rest of the run. I made it to the end of the path, about a 3-mile run, at just around 30 minutes. That was a perfect pace for what I needed to be an easy 2-3 miles.

Feeling good, I walked back past the men in the garage working on their project for today and back home. I got back, had a bagel and orange juice for breakfast, then scurried to get ready.

Just in time, with a cup of coffee to go, I was ready to take off and pick up my boss right on time.

Day three…success.


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