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about those running clothes in my car…

If you remember Sunday’s post, I mentioned that I will keep running clothes in my car at all times from now on.

This thought came about during Sunday’s run, as I once again struggled to fit my run in amidst the million and other one things I had to do that day.

My solution? Keep running clothes with me at all times. If I have to run to someone’s house, go to the store, have an appointment, whatever it may be — I can still find time to fit my run in wherever I am. If it is the end of the day and I haven’t made it home, but I want to get a run in outside before it gets dark out then I can stop. I’ll go for a run wherever I am and then I can drive home. Drive in the dark? Sure, I can do that. Run in the dark? Not so much unless I’ve got at least one running buddy with me.

That’s my solution to often long days at the office. We’ll see how it works…

On another note, I love that runs have been total stress relievers for me lately. It feels so great to have something that can really relax me and help clear my mind.

I’m curious…how do you manage fitting runs in on long days? Do you settle for the treadmill? The gym? Do you run first thing in the morning instead? Share your solutions!

Happy running 🙂


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i promise to keep running clothes in my car at all times

tonight’s run was stellar. it felt more like a cleansing than anything, after an absolutely fantastic weekend. i managed to see a lot of good people this weekend all across the state, and had a blast all weekend.

i’m exhausted though, so i don’t think that much good will come out of me sitting here trying to write right now.

i just want to say that during tonight’s run i decided that i will keep running clothes in my car at all times. more to come on that later.

congratulations to everyone who ran in the dexter-ann arbor half marathon today! way to go!

check back tomorrow for more 🙂

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