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walking and cross training

I just wrote a whole post about staying healthy, getting in good long walks, and cross training while traveling. My internet connection was lost as I clicked saved. Post = gone.


Anyway, I haven’t been able to get great runs in while on our cross-country road trip. I have been getting in great walking, stretching, and some strengthening exercise though, so I’ll take that for what it is worth. My knee has also had time to rest and it feels like it is getting back on track so that’s at least a good thing.

In one week, I will be back on track so I’m not worried. I know March will fly by too, and April brings the beginning of intense training so I’ll be ready to rock once I’m settled in and back on a schedule.

Little bumps in the road are no big deal.

Well, we’re in Vegas but I wanted to post (even if this isn’t as good as the one that got deleted 😦 ) and let you know I’m doing by best to stay in shape while on the road. I hope you are meeting your February exercise goals…if not, there is still one week to make it happen. Don’t forget to make some goals for March too…good month to make big plans, saying goodbye to Winter and ushering in Spring!

Staying healthy while on the road…success.


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in the gym, patella tendonitis, and healthy eating

I was really looking forward to working out this morning. Since I’m surrounded by huge hills (and don’t know my way around the neighborhood too well) I decided to workout in the my friend’s gym at her apartment complex. The gym has really nice cardio machines, a great wooden floor space (where they sometimes hold classes), weight machines, and free weights.

This morning I knew I absolutely needed to get a workout in. Although I am on vacation and it is a little bit more difficult to fit a workout in, the motivation is still there, and if I have the means and the time I want to fit it in. Well, that was this morning! I headed down to the fitness center, already somewhat sore thanks to my patella tendonitis acting up in my right knee lately. I stretched and decided to try out the treadmill. I hopped on, and did a walk/run mix 5K.

Knowing that my patella tendonitis is acting up, I need to focus on strengthening my knees like I keep mentioning. Of course, I also want to keep up my running to maintain a good enough level of cardio. So, after a less than stellar 5K (but hey, I got it in!), I did some balancing exercises using my legs and some free weights. I also stretched out a lot post-workout to be sure that my muscles don’t stay tight all day.

We are going to be doing a bit of walking today too, so if I didn’t stretch after my workout I knew I would be in for it!

Also, after mentioning yesterday how I need to get on my healthy eating habit more consistently I was thinking about it and I suppose I haven’t been doing too well the past few weeks. I can really tell a difference while I am working out, so thank you Lent for presenting yourself to me at a most opportune time (haha)!

This year for Lent I will skip the junk food for snacks, have only one coffee per day at most, skip the wine/beer/cocktail at dinner (only one per week – and this is not a way to get around it…it is because I like red wine and I believe that a glass a day is good for you, so one per week is fine…further, I’m not worried about my alcohol intake for any reason other than the healthy eating thing).

So all in all, things have been going decently. All it takes is thinking. Once you start doing things consciously, you realize what you need, what you can skip, what you can accomplish, and you understand what your body needs to make you feel your best.

Here’s to being healthy!

Today’s workout, taking care of my knee, and eating healthy…success!


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5 x 2:00

There are only a few more whole days left until Sunday morning’s 10K, which means keeping on top of my plan is crucial if I want to finish strong…and of course, I want to finish strong.

I have not done an interval workout in a long time, and finally I feel that I have built a strong enough base to start incorporating intervals into my routine. Also, I want to start fitting them in since they will certainly become a regular part of my routine soon.

I filled my calendar in with training runs last night. April-June training will build me up for the Dexter/Ann Arbor Half Marathon at the beginning of June (props to my friend, Amy, who will also be running that race!). My soon-to-be coworker, Cassie, has been wanting to run that race too so we’re hoping to get that done in June! Then, I will have a couple weeks of rest and recovery runs and workouts. On June 28, the strict marathon training plan kicks in at full force. June 28-Oct. 17 is Sara’s Marathon Mania!

So, back to intervals…today was the first day of intervals, so off I went to the path along the beach.

The plan: 4 x 2:00, with 1:00 in between each. The air: stiff and dry. The temperature: perfect. Me: tired but still determined to work out hard.

By the third one I was feeling winded and tired, but that could not stop me. Plus, if you haven’t caught on by now whatever workout I usually have in my mind at the beginning of a workout often means something a little longer or harder. I was determined that I could finish five. And, I did.

5 x 2:00, with 1:00 in between each, a 1:00 rest after five, then a 10 min. easy run. Delightful. Worked hard, got the heart rate up, breathed hard, moved the arms, kept good posture and stride, and felt tired at the end. And, I even had that burning sort of feeling in my throat at the end–you other runners might know what I’m talking about…or you might not…but it definitely makes you need to spit, and spitting never feels as good as when you’ve just finished a good sprint workout. After that, I’m feeling good about Sunday’s 10K, and with two more training days left to go I’m sure I can get in two more solid workouts to prepare myself.

Now, time for some stretching, dinner, and relaxation.

First interval workout…success.

P.S. Are you enjoying this blog? I would love to keep it as interesting as possible, while still using it as a type of training log. I do have some ideas for interesting topics related to training and running for the near future, but also if you have anything you’d like to hear about, let me know!


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goal: 5 miles on the treadmill…accomplishment: 6.5 miles on the treadmill…get it!

I chose to do a treadmill workout tonight because I wanted to work on some pacing and posture. As much as I hate the treadmill, I love using it as tool for working on my pace. After dinner (I made some delicious fatayers), I relaxed a bit and hydrated so I’d be ready to go for a late night treadmill run. Finally, when 9pm hit I knew I had to go workout or else I wouldn’t do it, and not working out was not an option for me today. Remember what I said when I started this blog? No excuses!

Like I mentioned yesterday, I registered for a 10K this coming Sunday so this week is crucial in making sure that I can finish the race strong. I set the treadmill and off I went. I hit 5K right around 29 minutes, which was a bit slower than I would have liked, but it was sub-30 so I’m okay with it. My goal when I got on the treadmill was 5 miles, but as I kept going I knew if I could hit 6.5 miles tonight then I could surely finish 10K (6.2 miles) on Sunday. I worked on my pacing and gradually increased my speed, and I finished 6.5 miles in 59 minutes. Look at that! I set a goal, I pushed the limit, and boom…accomplishment! What a good feeling.

I cooled down and did a lot of stretching. Here am I now after a cold shower, icing. The more I run, the more I remember how truly important post-run stretching and ice is on a regular basis. I am certainly going to keep it up, because I certainly do not want tight muscles, or any injury for that matter. I need to take care of my feet too…starting to get a few blisters. Hate ’em, but they’re an inevitable part of running so I suppose I will have to live with them and just take care of my feet for the next nine months. You can bet I’m already planning a pedicure at the end of October!

Also, since I’ve been doing my best to eat foods that give me fuel and energy, and replenish the vitamins and nutrients my body needs and uses in workouts, I’ve been feeling much better. Everything I ate yesterday was not the best food, and I could tell quite a difference. The more I work on my eating habits and more I learn about what different foods provide, the more enjoyable healthy eating actually is for me, and the better I feel!

Four days left until the 10K. Tomorrow, I hope to get an interval workout in. Thursday will be a 5-mile run. Friday will be repeats. Saturday will be a rest day, prior to the Super Bowl Sunday morning race.

Keep up the good work everyone…let’s do this!

Tuesday treadmill workout…success.


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weekend recap

Well, weekends usually bring long runs but after a few longer runs this past week I needed to work on my body, stretching, and allowing my body to recover correctly so longer runs weren’t the case for me yesterday and today.

After a fabulous time on Friday night at a wrap party in Hollywood (I know, I’m so fancy…right?! LOL), my friends and I knew I would not be waking up for the weekly Saturday morning run at 8:30am. However, at 6:30am on Saturday morning I popped up without an alarm and even though I was still a little tired I was determined to stay awake, get ready, and head out for the morning run with the group.

Sure enough, I had some breakfast and headed out to meet with everyone. A beautiful Saturday morning down at the beach and we tackled a great run. I fit in a 4.5 miles and felt great, and stretched out for a little while after the run.

We went out to dinner last night, and I tried to keep it healthy yet delicious at the same time. I succeeded for the most part, with an entree of sesame-crusted seared ahi tuna, sweet potato fries, and grilled zucchini. The martini I had was even acai berry (is acai berry still good for you if it is in a cocktail?!). That was all fine and dandy…then Jeremy decided we needed gelato for dessert. It was delicious, and everyone needs sweets every now and then. I had a small (they let me have 3 flavors!) with roasted banana flavor, extra dark chocolate flavor, and cinnamon flavor. Mmm mmm, good.

It was apparent everyone was exhausted when afterward we planned on going out, but then we ended up at my apartment just hanging out. We called it a night and I went to bed as soon as everyone went home, expecting that I would get a lot of rest and wake up early for a Sunday morning run.

I certainly did get a lot of rest and did wake up early, but a Sunday morning run just was not in the works for me. Instead, I headed out for breakfast and some errands with Chris and Kelly. I did wear workout apparel though so that I was sure to get a workout in later.

I did a long stretching session this afternoon, so I am waiting to get a good workout in tonight. It’s not good to workout after stretching out too much–the long stretches should come in post-workout or during a stretch-only time. I have found that works out best for me.

Tonight I will get in a 1.5-mile run and some strength training. I’m looking forward to a shorter run to work on a quicker pace, and this will then help me with increasing my pace on longer runs as well. I’ll also be able to work on my breathing, so if I can get some better breathing going during the quick-pace, shorter workouts I should be able to easily transfer that to longer workouts as well.

Good weekend workouts to end the month just the right way! January has been a success in kicking off the 10-month training process to successfully make it to 26.2 in October, with a gradual mileage increase, solid strength training routine, and enough stretching to keep the muscles in good condition.

Looking forward to another fantastic month in February, full of its own challenges and experiences. Hopefully by the end of February I will have mastered consistent breathing techniques and will maintain motivation.

What are your exercise goals for the February?

Weekend workouts…success.

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rest and recover

Today is a rest and recover day for me. After pushing the limit on Wednesday with a 9.75 mile workout, and going another 4 miles yesterday I wanted to be sure to allow my body time to rest and recover.

I had some errands to run today so I got my walking in that way. I also did a lot of stretching and some crunches to keep my body going and to continue working on getting into tip-top marathon shape.

As someone who is formerly one of the worst people at remembering to stretch and kind of hates taking the time to do it, I have been pretty good about making myself fit it in. I stretch just enough before runs (not too much) and certainly after runs to ensure that my muscles don’t cramp up. On days like today, I am even forcing myself to remember to stretch while I allow my body to recover, because that will only mean a better workout tomorrow.

My body is feeling good and I am certainly looking forward to a great run again tomorrow. Hoping to get a morning one in with some friends before I have to head to an even about an hour north of me for the afternoon. Be sure to look for an update tomorrow evening, and see how it is going.

And, as always I love hearing your feedback–how your workouts are going, any tips or tricks, favorite foods that give you energy and fuel, favorite workouts, etc.

Let’s keep training together! Detroit, here we come 🙂

Rest and recover…success.

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a lesson in patience

I was ready to go for a run outside today, but then after getting ready and grabbing my iPod Shuffle (new playlist just added) I realized my Shuffle was not charged. Oh well…I could go without music. Then, I stepped outside and it had just started to rain again. With the rain has been, I knew if I decided to go for a run in the rain it would probably be my luck that it would just downpour. I decided I would just head to the cardio center and workout on the treadmill instead. At that point, I had certainly wished my Shuffle was charged, but whatever…I decided I could get through it with the sound of the treadmill and the TV that is on the wall in the cardio center.

My goal today was a solid hour workout on the treadmill that allowed me to push myself. I knew this was going to be somewhat difficult because running on the treadmill for a long period of time is a challenge anyway, but without music I knew it would be that much more difficult.

I hopped on and started with a walking warm-up. After I was feeling good and warmed up, I figured I should get my run on. I knew I needed to push myself today, too. So, I ended up wooooorrrrkiiiing out!! I stayed on the treadmill for one hour, doing a walk/run combo workout and in the back of mind kept the thought that I wanted to workout for longer than an hour today.

As I approached that 60-minute mark, which you know I have been working with lately and that you have been reading about, I was certainly tired and ready to end the workout for the day. I knew I had to push through though–plus, what was my rush? It wasn’t like I had a million things to do the rest of the day.

That was when I was reminded that with running must come patience. For those of you who know me, you know very well that I am always moving, always ready to go, go, go. Patience has never really been my cup o’ tea…even though I have tried tirelessly to become more patient. Well, today on the treadmill, I reminded myself I need to work on my patience, especially if I am going to be increasing my mileage, and finishing the Detroit marathon.

Along with patience, I believe that my breathing will also get better. I will learn to be in the moment; to leave myself enough time to stretch, warm up, get a full and proper work out in, cool down, and stretch again; and, finally leave enough time for a post-workout shower and replenishment of vitamins and liquids. Setting time aside to work out is, after all, about more than just the meat of the workout itself. As I get better at this, I will surely be more at ease, my workouts will be more effective, and my endurance will build.

Another way to look at this is if I am going to continue updating this blog to capture my journey to Sunday, October 17th, I need time to think about what I will write and how I want to write that day. A good workout is the perfect time to get that all figured out!

So, as I finished my hour walk/run combo, I set the treadmill for 15 more minutes. I wanted to push myself a bit more, and put my patience to the test. I increased the incline and got a great speedwalk in for 15 minutes, followed by a cooldown.

My accomplishment today was a solid 1 hour and 15 minute workout on the treadmill, which landed me at just more than 6.5 miles!

Walk/run workout + lesson in patience + breathing…success!

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