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5 x 2:00

There are only a few more whole days left until Sunday morning’s 10K, which means keeping on top of my plan is crucial if I want to finish strong…and of course, I want to finish strong.

I have not done an interval workout in a long time, and finally I feel that I have built a strong enough base to start incorporating intervals into my routine. Also, I want to start fitting them in since they will certainly become a regular part of my routine soon.

I filled my calendar in with training runs last night. April-June training will build me up for the Dexter/Ann Arbor Half Marathon at the beginning of June (props to my friend, Amy, who will also be running that race!). My soon-to-be coworker, Cassie, has been wanting to run that race too so we’re hoping to get that done in June! Then, I will have a couple weeks of rest and recovery runs and workouts. On June 28, the strict marathon training plan kicks in at full force. June 28-Oct. 17 is Sara’s Marathon Mania!

So, back to intervals…today was the first day of intervals, so off I went to the path along the beach.

The plan: 4 x 2:00, with 1:00 in between each. The air: stiff and dry. The temperature: perfect. Me: tired but still determined to work out hard.

By the third one I was feeling winded and tired, but that could not stop me. Plus, if you haven’t caught on by now whatever workout I usually have in my mind at the beginning of a workout often means something a little longer or harder. I was determined that I could finish five. And, I did.

5 x 2:00, with 1:00 in between each, a 1:00 rest after five, then a 10 min. easy run. Delightful. Worked hard, got the heart rate up, breathed hard, moved the arms, kept good posture and stride, and felt tired at the end. And, I even had that burning sort of feeling in my throat at the end–you other runners might know what I’m talking about…or you might not…but it definitely makes you need to spit, and spitting never feels as good as when you’ve just finished a good sprint workout. After that, I’m feeling good about Sunday’s 10K, and with two more training days left to go I’m sure I can get in two more solid workouts to prepare myself.

Now, time for some stretching, dinner, and relaxation.

First interval workout…success.

P.S. Are you enjoying this blog? I would love to keep it as interesting as possible, while still using it as a type of training log. I do have some ideas for interesting topics related to training and running for the near future, but also if you have anything you’d like to hear about, let me know!



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