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i just wanted to fall off the treadmill…

It was raining this morning when I woke up at 7:30am on a Sunday (no alarm clock necessary). I had a bowl of Special K Berries & Yogurt, while I contemplated whether I should go for a long run outside or head to the gym and torture myself with a treadmill run. After deciding that outside didn’t look very promising, since it looked like a storm could break at any moment, I decided I would go to the gym.

Of course on my way to the gym, I saw two people running outside…but hey, with my luck all of the thunder and lightning, and buckets of rain would start when I neared my halfway mark. I had about 8 miles planned for the morning, so getting caught in a storm on such a trek wasn’t going to be an ideal situation (nor will it ever be).

I dreaded the idea of going to the gym for a long run on the treadmill. In fact, I dread the treadmill for any amount of workout that is going to last longer than 30 minutes. So, knowing that I was about to torture myself I grabbed my water bottle and my iPod and off I went.

I got to the gym, threw my belongings in a locker, and put my iPod on shuffle. When I found today’s lucky treadmill that got to do my workout with me, I set my water bottle, towel, and locker key down, and stuck my iPod in my inside shorts pocket. I started ‘er up, and so it began. Like I said earlier, 3o minutes on a treadmill…no big deal. But, today’s goal was 7-8 miles and that was certainly going to take me a bit longer than 30 minutes! As I reached 4 miles, I thought to myself, “phew! I’m halfway there.”

Then…as I was approaching 6 miles, I started thinking about what I would write about here today. Lots of things crossed my mind: if I can finish this workout I can finish anything outside; Satan probably orders long runs on treadmills as one form of torture; if I know I can make it to 8 miles what will I title my blog?; well, if I can make it to 8, why do that? I already know I can do that…I should just do 9 miles; and, even that I felt like my legs were going to give out at one point and I was going to pass out because it was so disgusting and muggy in the gym. All very positive things, I know 🙂

So after all of those thoughts, you would probably think I was nearing 8 miles, right? Wrong! I was just past 6.5 miles. Hey, at least I was getting further though. Man oh man…I wanted nothing more to do with that treadmill. So what happens at this point?

A man decided he was going to get on the treadmill immediately to my left (while there are a million other treadmills open…did he really have to get on one right next to another person?) and go for a leisurely walk. Awesome. Thank you, sir. All I would like to do right now is be done with my run, but I’m now almost at 7 miles and my goal is no longer 8 miles, but it is 9 miles…and you are just going to go for a nice little walk. Enjoy that while I continue to sweat like there is no tomorrow. No, I wasn’t bitter or annoyed by this man…not at all. I was joyous when he finished his good walk when I hit about 7.5 miles.

7.5 miles…great. In only a half mile I would be at 8, then I would just have to finish up one last solid mile to hit my 9-mile goal. At that point, I did the only thing there was left to do: take a gulp of water and turn my iPod up…then bust a move! Let’s be honest, after you spend so long on the treadmill that’s all that is really going to help you anyway. The treadmill is just keeping your legs moving at that point, and you just continue on, hoping for the best…hoping that your legs don’t just give out and you pass out.

And, believe me…I was ready to just fall off the treadmill a couple times during that workout and pass out on the floor space behind me. As hydrated as I kept, the mugginess of the gym was just not a good match for a long run. I managed to keep it going though.

Finally, I hit 9 miles. Phew! Done! I cooled down with a quarter-mile walk and it was time for me leave. I’m still kickin’…and feeling good today. So, I continue on with my motto…no excuses. If I finished that Satanic workout, I believe I can finish just about anything.

9 miles for breakfast on the treadmill…not necessarily enjoyable, but definitely satisfying. Success!


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in the gym, patella tendonitis, and healthy eating

I was really looking forward to working out this morning. Since I’m surrounded by huge hills (and don’t know my way around the neighborhood too well) I decided to workout in the my friend’s gym at her apartment complex. The gym has really nice cardio machines, a great wooden floor space (where they sometimes hold classes), weight machines, and free weights.

This morning I knew I absolutely needed to get a workout in. Although I am on vacation and it is a little bit more difficult to fit a workout in, the motivation is still there, and if I have the means and the time I want to fit it in. Well, that was this morning! I headed down to the fitness center, already somewhat sore thanks to my patella tendonitis acting up in my right knee lately. I stretched and decided to try out the treadmill. I hopped on, and did a walk/run mix 5K.

Knowing that my patella tendonitis is acting up, I need to focus on strengthening my knees like I keep mentioning. Of course, I also want to keep up my running to maintain a good enough level of cardio. So, after a less than stellar 5K (but hey, I got it in!), I did some balancing exercises using my legs and some free weights. I also stretched out a lot post-workout to be sure that my muscles don’t stay tight all day.

We are going to be doing a bit of walking today too, so if I didn’t stretch after my workout I knew I would be in for it!

Also, after mentioning yesterday how I need to get on my healthy eating habit more consistently I was thinking about it and I suppose I haven’t been doing too well the past few weeks. I can really tell a difference while I am working out, so thank you Lent for presenting yourself to me at a most opportune time (haha)!

This year for Lent I will skip the junk food for snacks, have only one coffee per day at most, skip the wine/beer/cocktail at dinner (only one per week – and this is not a way to get around it…it is because I like red wine and I believe that a glass a day is good for you, so one per week is fine…further, I’m not worried about my alcohol intake for any reason other than the healthy eating thing).

So all in all, things have been going decently. All it takes is thinking. Once you start doing things consciously, you realize what you need, what you can skip, what you can accomplish, and you understand what your body needs to make you feel your best.

Here’s to being healthy!

Today’s workout, taking care of my knee, and eating healthy…success!


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fitting it in

I woke up this morning and thought to myself, “I should really get up, go workout, and get ready before my brother wakes up.” Then, I rolled over and slept a bit longer. We had a long day yesterday and I was tired, what can I say?

We ended up waking up about the same time, so as to be diligent I still went and worked out while my brother was getting ready. I headed down to the cardio center and spent some time on the treadmill and on the bike. My knee has been irritating me just a bit lately so I want to be sure to keep it strong, and use the bike to strengthen my knees and quads.

I got a great workout in and when I came up, my brother was ready and I just had to quickly shower and get ready so we could head out for the day. We were going to take a little road trip down to San Diego but since we got a late start on our day, we decided to put that off until tomorrow. Instead, we went to the Hermosa Beach Farmers’ Market, had Chik-Fil-A for lunch (mmm..mmm…haha!), headed up to the Venice Canals, spent a little time downtown Manhattan Beach, checked out my favorite shop downtown Hermosa Beach, and now we are just relaxing a bit before going to meet a couple of my friends for sushi tonight.

We are hoping to get an early start tomorrow, so tomorrow will either be a super early workout or a strength training day. We’ll see 🙂

Gotta fit it in…a workout in some way, shape, or form…and I will!

Quick late start workout…success.

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last workout before sunday’s 10k

Today was my last workout before running the 10K I am registered for on Sunday. My workout today was 4 x 5:00, with a 2 min. brisk walk in between each one. I had to make this a treadmill workout since it is pouring rain outside. I actually benefitted from using the treadmill for this workout, because it allowed me to adjust my pace and keep going as I wished, with no option for slowing down. I had to adjust my breathing instead of adjusting my pace if I started to get tired at all.

The workout was going just lovely, I was feeling great, and then in the middle of my last 5:00 stretch who walks into the cardio center? That’s right, the girl with the dog…the dog who apparently works out on the treadmill. Come to find out when another girl came in just after her and looked surprise, girl with dog confessed that she only does this when it rains. I suppose that is acceptable, however I’m still not sure how I feel about doing it when there are other people working out considering the small size of the cardio center here. To each his own…what can you do?!

Anyway, I finished up my workout and cooled down. I’m looking forward to a rest day tomorrow and getting in some good stretching. I’m also going to head over to the health and fitness expo that is being held in conjunction with the 10K, so I can pick up my race number and look around at the different vendors.

Although this has been a challenging week as far as motivation goes, I feel great that I got a good week of solid workouts in. How is your training going? Have you been having any challenges lately?

Hope everyone has a great Friday evening, and enjoy your Saturday workout or rest day. I’ll be back tomorrow, and of course I hope you are looking as forward to Sunday’s 10K recap as I am!

Last workout before 10K…success.


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goal: 5 miles on the treadmill…accomplishment: 6.5 miles on the treadmill…get it!

I chose to do a treadmill workout tonight because I wanted to work on some pacing and posture. As much as I hate the treadmill, I love using it as tool for working on my pace. After dinner (I made some delicious fatayers), I relaxed a bit and hydrated so I’d be ready to go for a late night treadmill run. Finally, when 9pm hit I knew I had to go workout or else I wouldn’t do it, and not working out was not an option for me today. Remember what I said when I started this blog? No excuses!

Like I mentioned yesterday, I registered for a 10K this coming Sunday so this week is crucial in making sure that I can finish the race strong. I set the treadmill and off I went. I hit 5K right around 29 minutes, which was a bit slower than I would have liked, but it was sub-30 so I’m okay with it. My goal when I got on the treadmill was 5 miles, but as I kept going I knew if I could hit 6.5 miles tonight then I could surely finish 10K (6.2 miles) on Sunday. I worked on my pacing and gradually increased my speed, and I finished 6.5 miles in 59 minutes. Look at that! I set a goal, I pushed the limit, and boom…accomplishment! What a good feeling.

I cooled down and did a lot of stretching. Here am I now after a cold shower, icing. The more I run, the more I remember how truly important post-run stretching and ice is on a regular basis. I am certainly going to keep it up, because I certainly do not want tight muscles, or any injury for that matter. I need to take care of my feet too…starting to get a few blisters. Hate ’em, but they’re an inevitable part of running so I suppose I will have to live with them and just take care of my feet for the next nine months. You can bet I’m already planning a pedicure at the end of October!

Also, since I’ve been doing my best to eat foods that give me fuel and energy, and replenish the vitamins and nutrients my body needs and uses in workouts, I’ve been feeling much better. Everything I ate yesterday was not the best food, and I could tell quite a difference. The more I work on my eating habits and more I learn about what different foods provide, the more enjoyable healthy eating actually is for me, and the better I feel!

Four days left until the 10K. Tomorrow, I hope to get an interval workout in. Thursday will be a 5-mile run. Friday will be repeats. Saturday will be a rest day, prior to the Super Bowl Sunday morning race.

Keep up the good work everyone…let’s do this!

Tuesday treadmill workout…success.


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a lesson in patience

I was ready to go for a run outside today, but then after getting ready and grabbing my iPod Shuffle (new playlist just added) I realized my Shuffle was not charged. Oh well…I could go without music. Then, I stepped outside and it had just started to rain again. With the rain has been, I knew if I decided to go for a run in the rain it would probably be my luck that it would just downpour. I decided I would just head to the cardio center and workout on the treadmill instead. At that point, I had certainly wished my Shuffle was charged, but whatever…I decided I could get through it with the sound of the treadmill and the TV that is on the wall in the cardio center.

My goal today was a solid hour workout on the treadmill that allowed me to push myself. I knew this was going to be somewhat difficult because running on the treadmill for a long period of time is a challenge anyway, but without music I knew it would be that much more difficult.

I hopped on and started with a walking warm-up. After I was feeling good and warmed up, I figured I should get my run on. I knew I needed to push myself today, too. So, I ended up wooooorrrrkiiiing out!! I stayed on the treadmill for one hour, doing a walk/run combo workout and in the back of mind kept the thought that I wanted to workout for longer than an hour today.

As I approached that 60-minute mark, which you know I have been working with lately and that you have been reading about, I was certainly tired and ready to end the workout for the day. I knew I had to push through though–plus, what was my rush? It wasn’t like I had a million things to do the rest of the day.

That was when I was reminded that with running must come patience. For those of you who know me, you know very well that I am always moving, always ready to go, go, go. Patience has never really been my cup o’ tea…even though I have tried tirelessly to become more patient. Well, today on the treadmill, I reminded myself I need to work on my patience, especially if I am going to be increasing my mileage, and finishing the Detroit marathon.

Along with patience, I believe that my breathing will also get better. I will learn to be in the moment; to leave myself enough time to stretch, warm up, get a full and proper work out in, cool down, and stretch again; and, finally leave enough time for a post-workout shower and replenishment of vitamins and liquids. Setting time aside to work out is, after all, about more than just the meat of the workout itself. As I get better at this, I will surely be more at ease, my workouts will be more effective, and my endurance will build.

Another way to look at this is if I am going to continue updating this blog to capture my journey to Sunday, October 17th, I need time to think about what I will write and how I want to write that day. A good workout is the perfect time to get that all figured out!

So, as I finished my hour walk/run combo, I set the treadmill for 15 more minutes. I wanted to push myself a bit more, and put my patience to the test. I increased the incline and got a great speedwalk in for 15 minutes, followed by a cooldown.

My accomplishment today was a solid 1 hour and 15 minute workout on the treadmill, which landed me at just more than 6.5 miles!

Walk/run workout + lesson in patience + breathing…success!

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fit it in…regardless of how much time you have…

One thing you must remember when you’re working to get better and working toward building up your mileage is to fit that workout in, no matter how much time you have. If you only have 20 minutes to workout, use it. No, it might not be ideal if you really wanted to get an hour workout in that day…but that doesn’t mean you should skip. You’ll feel worse about yourself if you skip a workout all together, rather than having to cut it short due to a time crunch. It’s not the end of the world if you had more pressing things to take care of all day…just don’t make a habit of shortening those workouts.

Today’s workout for me was a quick warmup on the elliptical, followed by a run on the treadmill. It did clear up out here and it is starting to look like SoCal again…sun shining, crisp ocean air (at least where I am)…so I’m looking forward to getting a few good outdoor runs in this week!

Hope everyone’s weekend is going well…and for my fellow warriors, keep it up!

I leave you with this short post, as I must be on my way…it’s time to head for dinner followed by Pee Wee Herman Live!


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