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i feel superhuman

The Run: i ran 20 miles. longest run of my training.

The Fuel: saturday night pasta dinner, lots of water pre-run, lots of water during run, energy gummies, 3 mini clif bars, gatorade post-run, more water post-run, a glass of red wine with post-run dinner.

The Day: perfect. clear skies. not too cool, not too warm, just right.

The Music: pink ipod on shuffle.

The Photo: just past mile 13.

The Feeling: superhuman. sore. i can finish 26.2 miles on october 17th. with the right time, effort, and dedication i can do anything.

longest run of my training…success.



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26 days til 26.2

Today is a magical day. There are only 26 days left until I lace up my running shoes early in the morning downtown and head for the start line. In 26 days, at 7AM the clock will start. Thousands of runners will take off to accomplish what they have been training for over the past weeks and months. I will be one of those runners, and I can’t hide my excitement.

I’ve been wanting to accomplish this for quite some time now. My goal: run, enjoy the route, and finish. Sounds like it should be simple enough, right? Well, I sure hope so. If you ask me, there is nothing “simple” about running 26.2 miles. The physical, mental, and emotional strengths that I have surprised myself with this year are things that I am not about to brush off with a “no big deal.” The truth is…this is a big deal.

At the beginning of 2010, I told myself this would be the year. I would run and finish a marathon. I knew that to get to that point though, I would need to commit — no excuses allowed. The commitment goes beyond committing to run the miles — I have taken the time needed to run the miles the right way, have worked hard to finish each of my runs as strong as possible, I have changed my eating and drinking habits (water is God and pre-run, mid-run, and post-run food should be chosen wisely), and I have even changed my social habits  (saying “no” to much more than usual, coming home earlier than usual so I can sleep and wake up early the next day for a long run, and reassuring my friends that I won’t be “lame” after Oct. 17). Holy commitment!

So far, I have done it. I have kept running, kept writing about my running, and have somehow managed to “stay committed even when I’m not motivated” (for those of you who have been following my journey for awhile now, you might remember that notion from awhile back…sound advice one of my best friends, Kelly, shared with me).

I remember when Summer came around the corner and I had already been running, but I needed to start following a bit more strict training plan. I started. I kept up with it, but allowed enough flexibility to be sure I maintained motivation. As long as I fit workouts in, stayed in shape, and was able to finish my long runs, I knew I was on the right track. Sure, there have been a handful of times when I was ready to stop (I hate even daring to use that awful word, “quit”), be done with it — who really needs to run a marathon anyway? What was I proving? Who was I doing this for? But, I carried on. I need to run a marathon. I am proving to myself that I can finish this, that I can really do something major that I have wanted to do for years — I can take something huge from start to finish. I am doing this for me.

As horrible as a few of my long runs have been, I am thankful for them. They are reminders for me during a long run that if I was able to finish a long run “like that one [insert a number from 7-14 here]-miler in [insert summer month here] in the middle of the afternoon in ninety-some-percent humidity” or “like that one at 6AM in 92% humidity” (yes, 92% humidity at 6AM!), then I can finish that same distance, and longer, during the beautiful Fall months. Oh, and don’t forget the great runs…where I have finished and felt like I could just continue on and finish a marathon right then and there. Those runs keep me going, too…maybe even more so!

It’s not just the runs…but my friends and family, too (yes, that means you…thanks for continuing to read my ramblings). They, and you, have kept encouraging me — some have even joined me on their bike or rollerblades — and have continued to remind me how insane I am.

I guess I am a little insane. But, aren’t we all? I’ll just have a medal to prove it 🙂

Until then, there are still more training miles to be ran. They won’t run themselves, and I haven’t crossed that finish line yet…so this isn’t over yet. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel (or the clock at the finish line, if you will) but there’s no stopping until I cross that line.

This weekend…I have my longest run of training ahead of me. A 20-mile run. 20 miles! I’m looking forward to it because I know I will be that much closer to the start line, and to the finish line, and I’ll be that much closer to accomplishing my biggest goal of 2010.

And, when I cross that finish line in 26 days…how sweet it will be. When I can finish my blog post with “26.2 miles…success,” how sweet it will be.

254 days of training down, 26 to go…success.


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worst long run of my training.

yesterday was the worst long run of my training i have had. this one was worse that the hot, humid day spent in the state park with katy, while she was rollerblading alongside me. at least i had someone with me that day. yesterday, it was me, the hot air, the wide open road, the sun, a whole lot of sweat, and heavy legs.

i was meeting two friends for lunch, so i decided hey i don’t need to eat with them — i will fuel up for a run prior to meeting them, run the 5-ish miles to meet them, then enjoy their company and catch up, then run back. perfect long run with a break in the middle. sounds ideal, right? well, as i already mentioned…yesterday was the worst long run of my training so far…so it actually wasn’t so ideal. (not to mention…we actually got mixed up and met at two different locations…so i called them after waiting for 20 minutes or so to ask where they were. they were at a different location. slight misunderstanding, but they ended up coming to me after finding out that i was car-less since i had run up to meet them. one more thing to make this run go less than stellar.)

oh, and by the way…while i was waiting…i snapped a nice photo of my lovely hydration containers 😉

after catching up and what not, i debated getting a ride home since i was already well aware of the less than stellar running conditions. after an internal debate, i decided i wouldn’t want to finish my run later that night and that getting it done now would be better. i finished, but i’m not so sure it was necessarily “better.”

i did take a different route home though and it was much prettier for much of the run. i even snapped a few pictures during the time my body said “must…walk…now…” to break up the run a bit.

now, does it surprise me that as a follow up to the worst long of my training so far that i have lost most of one of my toenails and another toenail is completely jacked up? no, of course it doesn’t surprise me…because that’s just how it would go.

well…next time i have a brilliant idea to do any type of running in the heat of the day, i will remember yesterday. then, i will reevaluate and do that run at a different time.

reaching the worst long run of my training…success. (hey, a success is a success, right?!)


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night with nathan

Tonight, I had my first night with nathan. Ang gave me nathan as a birthday gift…she’s so sweet. I’m excited to have my very own nathan…and a pink one at that!

For those of you who don’t know about nathan, nathan sports is a company that creates some pretty awesome products for athletic training. Check them out! If you’re like me and a company’s background and mission draw you in, their story and brand is pretty great.

Meet nathan (nate, if you’re close to him). As you can see we’re getting along great already…

Nate and I had a great run tonight. Breathing was great, legs felt pretty good and mostly recovered from the weekend’s long runs, and nate kept me cool.

After I had dinner (homemade spaghetti, meatballs, and garlic bread at mom & dad’s…mmm!) and took a relaxing nap outside, I grabbed nate to head out for a run by my parents’ house. Kid Rock, The Doobie Brothers, and Natasha Bedingfield came along with us as well…and everyone got along great tonight. I think I’ll be taking everyone out with me again in the near future.

Although it was a hot & humid evening, we managed. Nate was there for me…kept me hydrated and kept me cool. In fact, I’m pretty sure more water ended up on my head than in my mouth. But, hey whatever it takes–that’s why it’s necessary to carry water! Thanks to nate, I had a delightful run tonight…and I think I’m going to be hanging up the water belt now that I have nate. Sure, the water belt will likely be jealous…but I have to admit–nate has won me over!

As nate and I were getting back, my lovely mom was outside and she snapped a nice end-of-run photo. So, with that I leave with you an end-of-run photo for my end-of-blog-post photo. Happy Running!

First night run with nathan…sucess!


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running, social media, and a personal trainer

I realize I haven’t been blogging everyday, as I originally said I was going to do. To be honest, I said that because I thought it would be the best way for me to hold myself accountable for actually doing my workouts. I needed that at first. Now that I am getting into a good groove, I’m still getting the workouts in, but my days have been filling up with many more things to do, and I’m finding less and less time to sit down at the computer (especially for personal time). I will definitely be posting at least twice a week, will aim to post more than that, and will do everything I can to keep this entertaining, motivational, and a place for everyone to learn, laugh (at me), and share experiences!

I mentioned in my last post that I joined Life Time and have been very unsure about it. All of the amenities, the monthly fee, and the fact that I thought I wasn’t going to have to pay some upfront administration fee and then got charged. Well…for those of you who may have noticed on twitter, I had a brief back-and-forth with @lifetimefitness which resulted in an e-mail with a community manager at Life Time corporate offices. I let him know that I had quite a bad taste in my mouth and that had much to do with the fact that I was thinking about leaving (this is in fact, 100% truthful). I am not one to waste my time (or other people’s, for that matter) just trying to save a dime–I sincerely felt lied to, and this is what gave me the most negative feelings about joining a gym (something I am usually against anyway). Rob, the community manager over at Life Time responded promptly both to my tweets and to my e-mails. Seeing that I am a marketing/social media person myself, of course I was certainly impressed with this; but, even more than that I was so impressed with this in the sense of customer service, the promptness, professionalism, and willingness to come to a mutually beneficial resolution. Rob and I came to a resolution and I have agreed to give Life Time a second chance (everyone deserves a second chance if they’re willing to try too, right?!).

So, that being said I had my Fit Test scheduled for this evening with a personal trainer. I was planning on canceling, but I decided to give it a shot. I headed over to Life Time and met with Josh, the personal trainer I’ll be working with this month. He went through my Fit Test with me, to measure my BMI, VO2, bicep strength, flexibility, body composition, overall fitness, and my body age. He explained everything, was very thorough, and made some great recommendations. I have some LTBucks (this is Life Time currency/gift certificates) to use, and I will be using them on a couple more training sessions with Josh. We’ll see how those go, then we will take it from there. I’m really looking forward to working with him, hopefully for more than just a couple session – who knows?

We talked a lot about my marathon training and strength training. Like I have mentioned here before, I really want to work on my core and my muscles strength as I know that will be beneficial to my running as well. What always ends up happening when I start strength training is I stop because I reach a point where I get disinterested, I find a machine I don’t know how to use and don’t know who to ask, or some other lame excuse like that gets in my way. Not this time! This is what Josh and I will focus on for my sessions, and he even made it clear that the trainers are always willing to help with any questions members have while in the gym. If you have a question, don’t know how to use a machine, or whatever it may be, the trainers are there to help–they are not only there to help their personal clients.

After completing my Fit Test and discussing my goals with Josh, I went for a run on the treadmill. I ran a 5K, and felt great. I know it seems like I haven’t been making much progress, and it might even seem that I have almost gone backwards a bit. The thing is that I have to admit that my cross-country road trip really threw me off schedule, which really ended up throwing my workout routine for a curve ball too.

I have been getting better and better with my eating as the weeks go on though. I have also noticed that the better I eat, and the more water I drink, the better I feel and the more excited and motivated I am to go workout when I know I need to. It’s amazing how the body works! Something is always much easier to use and understand when you know how it actually functions–so go figure that if you take the time to figure out and learn about how your body truly works, it will be easier to use it and understand how to take better care of it!

This month’s goals:

  • make the most of personal training sessions
  • continue to eat well
  • drink lots of water
  • sleep
  • make progress in strength training
  • take at least one class each week

Fit Test…success.

P.S. My body age is…23…I’m right on par. Sure, I could be younger but at least I’m not older!

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i hit 60 minutes…then i passed it…

Lately, I have been watching The Today show…and it is true, I have become a fan. Just yesterday they were talking fact/myth about different health type ideas. One of them was that if you drink a cup of coffee about an hour before you run, you will have more energy. Apparently, this is true. Interesting thought…and I cannot lie, it inspired me today to get running as soon as I could after my cup of coffee. I had a few things I wanted to accomplish first, and I actually had some water and a half can of Red Bull…so my energy level was pretty high.

It was an absolutely gorgeous day outside, and the sun was shining was unbelievably bright. I knew I could get a good hour run in along the ocean, and when I was finished I was going to walk down in the sand, by the water.

I walked from my apartment, down to the paved path along the ocean. Today’s gear: sunscreen, orange moisture-wicking run tank, favorite navy blue running shorts, favorite polka-dot sports bra, Reebok running shoes, and my fully charged iPod Shuffle with a newly added playlist! Once I hit the path, I took off at a pace that would allow me to ease into the run and last the full 60 minutes.

The sky was so clear I wished that I had brought my camera with me…but alas, I did not bring it along for my workout! The view into the mountains was beautiful…and the ships…and the blue sky with just a few lingering marshmallow-looking clouds…and the crashing waves, still rather large.

I was on my way and had settled into a great pace…at 30 minutes I was feeling really good and figured that I would continue on my way until I hit 45 minutes, then I would turn around and after I got to 60 minutes, I’d take my shoes and socks off and head down to the water and wade through the tide the rest of the way back home.

I hit the end of the path (about 4 miles) and was still feeling fabulous…not to mention that if I continued on I knew the view would get better since at that point the path is right against huge rocks that meet up with the ocean. “Why stop now?” I thought. I was feeling good, I was not in a rush, and it was a gorgeous day.

So, I continued…

Eventually, I decided that I would turn around at the lifeguard stand that was up ahead. I reached the lifeguard stand and I did turn around. After all, I was at about 5 miles out by this point and I still had to make it all the way back home. Instead of heading up the walking path that I had come along when I reached the fork where the walking path and bike path meet, I decided to take the bike path since it edges up with the sand, and I was going to head down to the sand by the water when I hit 60 minutes to continue running for another 15 minutes.

I hit 60 minutes, and soon after I found a good spot to make way to the water. I ran through the loose sand (not a terribly easy feat) and made it to the more packed down sand closer to the water. I took my headphones out to listen to the water and enjoy the cooler breeze down here–what a difference in just the small location change!

I was at about 1 hour and 10 minutes when I saw a beautiful seashell that had washed up. I decided I needed it so I picked it up and carried it with me. I could make a necklace (my DIY mind just never turns off)! Around 1 hour and 15 minutes, I saw an even prettier shell and I also decided that I wanted my headphones back in, so I took them out of the handy dandy “secret pocket” in my running shorts (for those of you have ever owned a pair of running shorts, I know you know what I’m talking about), put the tunes back on, and I kept seashell #2 in the “secret pocket” (haha).

So, if I was at 1 hour and 15 minutes you are probably wondering why I had not stopped by that time. Well, the truth is I knew I had it in me to go the rest of the way home…but I knew that would not be smart. I could see the pier though, and I knew I could make it there by the time my stopwatch was at 1 hour and 30 minutes so I figured I’d go for it.

If that pier was the finish line of a race, I would have crossed it at precisely 1 hour and 30 minutes! I suppose a girl can judge her pace pretty well 🙂 I slowed down, and stopped as soon as I passed underneath the pier. I took off my shoes and socks, stuck the two seashells in one of my socks and walked the rest of the way (which took me about 20 minutes). I found a few more seashells and enjoyed the tide coming in, splashing cold water up on my feet and legs…delightful!

Finally I was nearing the end of my cooldown at this point, so I headed back up through the loose sand of the volleyball courts and when I reached the paved path, I dusted off my feet and put my shoes back on loosely–I went sans socks since I had just a short way back to my apartment.

I made it back, and felt pretty good overall. My left knee needed a bit of love today but that’s ok…nothing major. I replenished my body with some water, gatorade, banana and peanut butter. Then, I hopped in the shower, cleaned myself up, and relaxed in the bath for awhile.

What a successful workout today! I traveled about 9.75 miles, just one track lap less than 10 miles; and, I ran most of it. My cooldown was only about three-quarters of a mile. I got a great run in, found a few seashells, enjoyed the ocean, and still felt great all day!

Oh, and just in case you’re curious…I made myself a good dinner and dessert too. Broccoli, cheese, rice and chicken casserole for dinner. For dessert, strawberries dipped in sour cream and brown sugar (before you question or try to hate on the dessert choice, try it…even if you don’t like sour cream…don’t dog it if you haven’t tried it)! Still drinking up lots of water too.

Did you have a good workout today?!

Run on the beach…unexpected great success.


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60 minutes on the treadmill

Today was another day full of rain and wind…actually, forget rain…it was more like a torrential downpour. Thank goodness I decided to stay pretty local today because part of the 405 (aka the most major north/south freeway through LA) just south of where I am was shut down due to flooding. Saw it on the news tonight, and a fair share of vehicles were struggling, and some even were stuck in still water. Crazy!

So, as you can imagine today was not an ideal day to go out for an outdoor run. After a rather productive day, I decided to have dinner and relax for a few before working out. I went back and forth between just grabbing a bite to eat on the way or home or making dinner. I was going to make a steak wrap (which I have decided to make tomorrow instead), then decided to stop somewhere, then the best of me reminded me it was better to make dinner. I had a toasted tomato and cheese sandwich along with some hummus and pita chips. Delish! After relaxing and letting my dinner digest, it was time to take on the treadmill!

Oh the treadmill…

I have a love/hate relationship with the treadmill. I love that it gives me the opportunity to work on my pace and allows me to get in a good workout when the weather isn’t ideal for an outdoor workout. I hate it because often times I get pretty bored on the treadmill (all depends on the day).

Lucky for me, I had a decent date with the treadmill tonight. I decided I would do a 5-minute walk to warmup, do a 40 minute “trailblazer” workout, and end with another 20 minutes. Overall, I really want to start getting used to being on my feet and using my legs for a prolonged period of time.

5-minute warmup was a success. I started the “trailblazer” option which seemed like it would take me through a variety of speeds and inclines, but I’m not sure if I messed up when I chose the options or if the treadmill computer messed up. There was a lack of variety, except for the speed increases (which I would have done anyway) but whatever. I ran for 40 minutes, and got in just more than 4 miles. I hit my 5K (that’s 3.1 miles for those of you who aren’t runners or cross-country runners (currently or formerly)) in less than 30 minutes, which I have not done while running on a treadmill in quite some time. I felt pretty good about that. Once I hit my 40 minutes, the treadmill stopped since that was my time I chose at the beginning of the workout.

I was feeling good–kept myself hydrated and had some good tunes to run to. Tonight’s playlist includes the likes of Taylor Swift, Kings of Leon, Lady Antebellum, Lost Prophets, Brooks and Dunn, Kid Rock, Fergie, and Carrie Underwood.

I wanted to spend a full hour on the treadmill (note the aforementioned wanting to get used to being on my feet for a longer period of time), so I had twenty more minutes to go in my workout. I continued on, did some speed-walking for 5 minutes, then I ran for 13 minutes, and finished with a 2 minute walk. At this point, I reached my full 60-minute goal as well as added on another 2 miles to my workout.

All in all, I put in 6.1 miles today. My feet are sore, and since I haven’t given my feet such beatings like this in quite awhile they are getting used to it again–you know what that means, calluses are now starting to form to help me. Stop with the “oh, gross!” and “oh…sara…too much information…” This is a running blog, so take the good, the bad, and the semi-gross, my friends! Plus, for those of you who don’t already know this, calluses are actually a good thing for distance runners as they provide protection.

I’m feeling good, and I really think that I can attribute much of this to my increase of water consumption throughout the day!

Still lots of time left for training, and so far so good.

Treadmill workout…success.

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