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monday, monday. i was tired and cold this morning, so instead of waking up and getting my workout in before everything else i had to get done today i stayed in bed a little longer to catch a couple extra z’s.

after running a few errands and getting some work done at home, i needed to decide what tonight’s workout would be. i decided on wii fit and wii sports tonight. got some good cardio in, and even fit in some good sets of crunches.

good solid wii workout today, and looking forward to a morning run along the ocean tomorrow.

hope you all had a great workout today too!

Wii Fit…success.


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wii fit

I dedicate this post to Shawn–she’s one of the best, and one of the most inspiring and greatest people I know. Without her, my days would be dull and my BBM skills would not be as stellar as they are (our BBM-ing marathons are enough to put anyone’s quick-typing thumbs to shame). My initial inspiration to start working out again this winter actually started with her and her dedication to going to the gym, learning to eat right, and learning more about what your body needs how to live healthier, better.

So, today’s workout consisted of 50 minutes on the Wii Fit. I would have like to gone for a run outside, but the winds were just too strong and who knows when the rain will start coming down again. Anyway, like Shawn says, “it’s always good to switch it up and give your body something different to do.” I did some running, some step aerobics, some balance exercises, and learned a few new yoga poses. I’m glad I got a good workout in, and followed it up with a light, delicious dinner–a toasted tomato sandwich and a bowl of Special K.

I’ve been drinking lots of water, too–now that’s good stuff!

Tomorrow’s weather is supposed to bring plenty more rain and more wind. A tornado or two touched down in areas of SoCal today, mudslides slid, and roads (and homes) flooded. We’ll see if it lets up at all, allowing for an outdoor workout. If not, another indoor workout will be just fine.

As we speak, The Biggest Loser is on TV and that is more inspiration added every week. The fact that these people can work that hard and lose that much weight, get into shape and do the workouts they do, learn to be healthy again and take care of themselves is absolutely amazing. I know if they can do what they do, then I can surely keep up my routine as someone who has been on the workout path for years now–no excuses, gotta keep going, and I will.

I hope those of you who are already exercising continue to do so, those of you who want to and haven’t started hopefully are starting to be inspired, and those of you who are fellow runners training for a race will keep it up.

Run on!

Wii fit day…success.

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