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walking and cross training

I just wrote a whole post about staying healthy, getting in good long walks, and cross training while traveling. My internet connection was lost as I clicked saved. Post = gone.


Anyway, I haven’t been able to get great runs in while on our cross-country road trip. I have been getting in great walking, stretching, and some strengthening exercise though, so I’ll take that for what it is worth. My knee has also had time to rest and it feels like it is getting back on track so that’s at least a good thing.

In one week, I will be back on track so I’m not worried. I know March will fly by too, and April brings the beginning of intense training so I’ll be ready to rock once I’m settled in and back on a schedule.

Little bumps in the road are no big deal.

Well, we’re in Vegas but I wanted to post (even if this isn’t as good as the one that got deleted 😦 ) and let you know I’m doing by best to stay in shape while on the road. I hope you are meeting your February exercise goals…if not, there is still one week to make it happen. Don’t forget to make some goals for March too…good month to make big plans, saying goodbye to Winter and ushering in Spring!

Staying healthy while on the road…success.


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fifteen days of difficulty

Today began what will surely be fifteen days of difficulty in my workout routine. My brother got into town today, and he is helping me out with packing up before the movers get here on Monday. Once the movers take all my stuff, he and I will head up to NorCal for a few days and then will be embarking on a cross-country road trip. Since he is a stick (and somehow remains this way regardless of the amount of calories he consumes) and isn’t so much a lover of exercise, I won’t be convincing him to workout with me, that’s for sure. I will still find some time to get in my exercise though. Also, it will be difficult to fit it in while we are on the road but I’m determined to use exercise centers in any hotels we stay at, do core/strength training in the hotel room, whatever it takes to keep it going.

Today we walked about 4.5 miles, which was a great way to get in my workout. Tomorrow, I’ll workout in the morning while my brother is getting ready and then we can carry on with the rest of our day. It all works out. In fact, the difficulty does lie within living with someone who isn’t working out like I am, it lies within making time for it and finding a way to make it work in a daily schedule that is not of the regular routine. It will be when we are on the road when it will be most difficult, and I will be sure to document that all here. In the mean time, if you happen to have your own tips/tricks on how to fit a workout in while traveling feel free to share them. I would love to hear how you make it happen, and it might even help me.

Anyway, I’m not super concerned since February and March are still months that are being used to build up my base. If I have to do a few extra days of core and strength training, it definitely won’t be the worst thing in the world. If I am forced to make a workout of more push-ups, crunches, planks, etc., it would actually be a good thing for me since that’s all the stuff I’d much rather ignore and just move onto the running of it all. Ah, the silver lining!

So that’s what lies ahead…and you know I am always up for a little extra challenge 🙂

Let’s do this!

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