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for you, my runner friend…

We can do this, my running friends. We have worked hard, so let’s keep it up and continue to take care of ourselves during these last days of tapering.

Many of you have expressed that I have inspired and motivated you, and I am honored. Here, I’d like to share with you an extremely inspiring, beautiful piece of writing; and, I hope you find it just as inspiring. (Thank you, Kaylee, for sharing this. xoxo)

10 days to go…10 days of hearts racing…10 days of anxiety…10 days of taper…10 more days of preparation…10 days ’til the long-awaited “26.2 miles…success” ending of a blog post.

Until then, there are still a few runs left…some training miles still left to conquer. So let’s conquer, let’s eat lots of pasta, and let’s stay motivated!

Here’s to you, my runner friend. And here’s to mile 17…it’s for you, my runner friend/blog reader/supporter/YOU!



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