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remember your motivation…

Well, here we are…less than 24 hours away. Race bib in hand, race day outfit just about ready, well-rested, and anxiously awaiting for my time to cross the start line.

I headed down to the expo yesterday with my friend Angela, and afterwards we drove part of the course (and took a few pictures…or maybe more than a few…).

I’m really ready now. I’m in marathon mode — as if I haven’t been already for the past few days. A few nerves are starting to set in, of course, but they aren’t getting the best of me…and they won’t. Don’t let them get you either.

If you find yourself running and feeling less than motivated, just remember why you’re doing this. What motivates you? Why have you stayed so committed to this? I know I have more than 26 people to think about and keep me inspired during my run, one or more during each mile. So, just remember your motivation…and if you’re having a hard time remembering why you’re doing this, maybe this Detroit Free Press article will spark something in you.

Remember your motivation…and stay committed…you’ve worked hard for this!



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for you, my runner friend…

We can do this, my running friends. We have worked hard, so let’s keep it up and continue to take care of ourselves during these last days of tapering.

Many of you have expressed that I have inspired and motivated you, and I am honored. Here, I’d like to share with you an extremely inspiring, beautiful piece of writing; and, I hope you find it just as inspiring. (Thank you, Kaylee, for sharing this. xoxo)

10 days to go…10 days of hearts racing…10 days of anxiety…10 days of taper…10 more days of preparation…10 days ’til the long-awaited “26.2 miles…success” ending of a blog post.

Until then, there are still a few runs left…some training miles still left to conquer. So let’s conquer, let’s eat lots of pasta, and let’s stay motivated!

Here’s to you, my runner friend. And here’s to mile 17…it’s for you, my runner friend/blog reader/supporter/YOU!


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26 days til 26.2

Today is a magical day. There are only 26 days left until I lace up my running shoes early in the morning downtown and head for the start line. In 26 days, at 7AM the clock will start. Thousands of runners will take off to accomplish what they have been training for over the past weeks and months. I will be one of those runners, and I can’t hide my excitement.

I’ve been wanting to accomplish this for quite some time now. My goal: run, enjoy the route, and finish. Sounds like it should be simple enough, right? Well, I sure hope so. If you ask me, there is nothing “simple” about running 26.2 miles. The physical, mental, and emotional strengths that I have surprised myself with this year are things that I am not about to brush off with a “no big deal.” The truth is…this is a big deal.

At the beginning of 2010, I told myself this would be the year. I would run and finish a marathon. I knew that to get to that point though, I would need to commit — no excuses allowed. The commitment goes beyond committing to run the miles — I have taken the time needed to run the miles the right way, have worked hard to finish each of my runs as strong as possible, I have changed my eating and drinking habits (water is God and pre-run, mid-run, and post-run food should be chosen wisely), and I have even changed my social habits  (saying “no” to much more than usual, coming home earlier than usual so I can sleep and wake up early the next day for a long run, and reassuring my friends that I won’t be “lame” after Oct. 17). Holy commitment!

So far, I have done it. I have kept running, kept writing about my running, and have somehow managed to “stay committed even when I’m not motivated” (for those of you who have been following my journey for awhile now, you might remember that notion from awhile back…sound advice one of my best friends, Kelly, shared with me).

I remember when Summer came around the corner and I had already been running, but I needed to start following a bit more strict training plan. I started. I kept up with it, but allowed enough flexibility to be sure I maintained motivation. As long as I fit workouts in, stayed in shape, and was able to finish my long runs, I knew I was on the right track. Sure, there have been a handful of times when I was ready to stop (I hate even daring to use that awful word, “quit”), be done with it — who really needs to run a marathon anyway? What was I proving? Who was I doing this for? But, I carried on. I need to run a marathon. I am proving to myself that I can finish this, that I can really do something major that I have wanted to do for years — I can take something huge from start to finish. I am doing this for me.

As horrible as a few of my long runs have been, I am thankful for them. They are reminders for me during a long run that if I was able to finish a long run “like that one [insert a number from 7-14 here]-miler in [insert summer month here] in the middle of the afternoon in ninety-some-percent humidity” or “like that one at 6AM in 92% humidity” (yes, 92% humidity at 6AM!), then I can finish that same distance, and longer, during the beautiful Fall months. Oh, and don’t forget the great runs…where I have finished and felt like I could just continue on and finish a marathon right then and there. Those runs keep me going, too…maybe even more so!

It’s not just the runs…but my friends and family, too (yes, that means you…thanks for continuing to read my ramblings). They, and you, have kept encouraging me — some have even joined me on their bike or rollerblades — and have continued to remind me how insane I am.

I guess I am a little insane. But, aren’t we all? I’ll just have a medal to prove it 🙂

Until then, there are still more training miles to be ran. They won’t run themselves, and I haven’t crossed that finish line yet…so this isn’t over yet. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel (or the clock at the finish line, if you will) but there’s no stopping until I cross that line.

This weekend…I have my longest run of training ahead of me. A 20-mile run. 20 miles! I’m looking forward to it because I know I will be that much closer to the start line, and to the finish line, and I’ll be that much closer to accomplishing my biggest goal of 2010.

And, when I cross that finish line in 26 days…how sweet it will be. When I can finish my blog post with “26.2 miles…success,” how sweet it will be.

254 days of training down, 26 to go…success.


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up north

I love Up North. Those of you from the Mitten state, or who have ever visited the great Up North in the Mitten, I hope understand and share this same sentiment. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Up North, let me just tell you that out ought to become familiar because it is one of the most beautiful, relaxing, amazing places.

Why do I bring this up in my blog about my journey to completing all 26.2 miles of a marathon?

Well, I bring it up because I was Up North this past weekend…and I had to fit a long run in during the weekend. Who really wants to cut into a weekend of fun, relaxation, and general Up North awesomeness with a long run? Nobody, really. But alas, it had to be done!

So…I grabbed my shoes, Nathan, the good ol’ water belt, and my iPod shuffle and off I went to get my long run in for the weekend. The nice thing was I was in a place where I don’t often run so the route wasn’t boring. The not so nice thing was the number of rolling hills I encountered. I made it through though, and somehow I am still alive to tell about it.

I’d like to share a few photos I took during my beautiful Up North run! Enjoy 🙂

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double digits

Well, I have been away…as I am sure some of you have noticed. However, I promise my temporary hiatus has not been due to the fact that I have not been running. Nor is it due to the fact that I have not had computer/internet access. It is simply because I have been overwhelmed and beyond busy, and in the midst of it all I have been struggling to find a way to relax, de-stress, and keep myself sane. In doing this, I have allowed myself to push less pressing things to the back burner and allow time for things that allow me to “turn if off” for awhile. Unfortunately I have been busy to the point where I have not had much time to “turn it off,” but at least I have been able to set some enjoyable things (i.e., writing in this blog) aside and not let allow them to become additional stressors.

It is difficult enough for me to make time to run, and making time to blog about it is even more difficult (although I do love this blog). I have to be wise, and pick and choose what I truly need to make happen each day. For training, it is much more important to get runs in than it is to maintain this blog — sure, I want to chronicle my adventures but those 26.2 miles certainly will not run themselves nor will I dominate them by way of making blog posts more important that training runs.

Anyway, enough about that. I will continue to update this as often as I can as my mileage increases and I continue to struggle to fit runs in whenever and wherever.

Tuesdays and Thursdays have been late night runs over the past few weeks. Amy and I run like the wind, solve world issues, and define the meaning of life on Tuesday and Thursday nights. It’s true…we’re superhuman.

The weekends have been for long runs, and the runs keep getting longer…which brings me to…drum roll, please…the title of this post. DOUBLE DIGITS! This weekend, I hit my first double digit training run. 10 miles. Middle of the afternoon. 10 long miles.

This is the farthest I have gone during my training, and let me tell you…there were certainly a few times where I just wanted to stop, but I didn’t. This past weekend’s 10-mile run was the most motivating, inspiring, challenging, discouraging run I have had thus far during my training process.

That being said, it was more motivating than anything else — now that I know that I can go 10 miles and train hard enough to make it this far, I know I can push myself to go all the way. Like I always say, those 26.2 miles won’t run themselves!

So…the training continues…and the long runs will remain in the double digits, and continue inching up in distance. This week it’s about staying strong and motivated, with some midweek quick and fast training, and I am feeling confident that this week is gong to be a good training week. I’m ready and looking forward to the  nature trail that awaits me for an early morning 12-miler this weekend.

What’s in store for your training this week? How are your runs going? Have you registered for your big race yet?

There’s still time…keep up the training and we’ll keep each other going.

First double-digit mileage run…success!


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a sticker to taunt me…in case i need taunting, and i’m sure i will.

it’s humid.

that should explain my runs this week (and last week).

enough said.

more motivation: dan bought me a 26.2 sticker for my car. of course, i can’t put it on until i finish a marathon. until then, it’s hanging on the corner of my mirror. i see it everyday, so everyday i have a reminder that i want that sticker on my car. 🙂

tomorrow: registration day. that’s right. i’m registering for Detroit tomorrow. the commitment is already made in my head, but now the commitment will be made on paper too.

humid runs…tough, but successful.


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